Game won by timeout still in game list

I won a live game by timeout a while ago (8 days to be accurate) but the game still appears on my game list (black circle on top right).

Is there anything I can do to get it removed ?

You should post a link to the game to help out any mods who can help you with this. =]


Sorry, I was on vacation then I didn’t connect to the forum again.

Here is the link the the game :

I have the same issue. My opponent played his move the same time he was about to time out. I saw the move for a short moment but then he timedout out and i won. Now i have the game i won on my game list for more than one week. This is the game: . Please help me fix this!

Summoning @anoek


Should be fixed


I confirm it looks fixed !!

Thank you very much it was pretty annoying