Games for guests

May be for popularity Go game OGS needs a guest games like as chess server
Each guest can start game with friend, and get short URL. Second guest will can use this URL for playing with first guest.

p.s. Sorry for my english. It’s not very well.

So a way to play without having an OGS account? Just making sure I’ve understood you correctly. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is.
Please see this feature on “Play with friend”. No registration. Only click “Play”, gettin’ URL and tell its to your friend. This is most simple way to play.
I think it is a very useful feature for OGS too. With it OGS will be more simple for use.

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Sounds like a good idea that could be good for OGS. is built around that idea.

OGS asks for nothing to register, just an user name and a password. Mail isn’t obligatory either. I can’t think of anything more simple than this



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