Games from history cannot be opened in a new tab

I just had this interesting experience while looking for my games against a specific opponent.
I enter their name in the search on my profile and get the 5 games. Now my middle click doesn’t work (it should open the games in a new tab). The left click opens the game in the same window. Every time I return from a game, I have to search for that opponent again before I can see another game.
Surely it would be possible to list the games as normal working hyperlinks?

Hmm not the first time we’ve had issues… i thought i’d fixed all that up but apparently not, i’ll take another look.

If you click the scroll wheel, it opens the game in a new tab.

I have a bug report here also. Middle clicking the player names in “Game History” will open the game in a new tab but the player you clicked in a new window. It should only open the player in a new tab.
Also left-clicking the player name will open the game (I clicked the name not the game) and “show” the player info menu on top of that game. It should only show the player menu like when someone normally clicks players names.

Also in “Library” it doesn’t open the game at all if you hit the coloured boxes where the player names are held. Also cannot click on the results parts of the lines. Only game date, game name or type can be clicked.

Oh odd… ok i’m gonna rework how that whole system works, i was trying to be fancy to make the row clickable instead of using anchors, obviously it’s failing.