Games list does not show all games

I don’t understand the games list. Often there are a lot of games which are not shown there.
I understand that I can tweak the list. But for instance if I mark it to show rated and unrated games, the unrated ones are missing. If I only choose unrated games, these are shown.

Is it normally working properly or is this a known bug? Or am I missing something?

The list on the Observe Games page when you click “Games” at the top navigation bar?

I don’t see any issue with it on my end. If I check or uncheck filters I get varying lists of games but I wouldn’t notice if certain games are missing.

For me I can see two people playing an unranked game, which disappears if I uncheck “unranked” and appears when it is checked, regardless of whether “ranked” is checked or not.

Maybe there’s some unintended behaviour I’m missing?