Games Lost by Timeout due to Upgrade

Dear Admin,

After the upgrade, I’ve lost the above games by timeout.
I usually clear my games at night, and when I checked yesterday night the upgrade was still in progress, hence I decided to wait until today. To my horror, when I logged in to check I’ve already lost so many games by timeout. As a result, I’m either disqualified from the tournament, or removed from the ladder.

If I had logged in later, I believe I would’ve lost more games.

  1. Shouldn’t there be a buffer time after the upgrade to prevent such cases? I wouldn’t know when the upgrade would end, and I won’t be free the whole day to check either.

  2. Is it possible to reverse the result for the above games?

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I had the same problem. IT’S UNFAIR!!!:angry: Of course, i’ll never get back the points i should win or not and i am disqualified from somme tournaments. I really hope that it will stop.

Lost by timeout abt 15 minutes ago … and I’m quite sure I still had ~2 days left :open_mouth:

It would have better to pause our games during the upgrade. OGS becomes unplayable.

In the last half hour, I lost 53 games to an alleged timeout, even though I had 3-1/2 days or more time left in all pending games in which it was my move. In fact, I was current in all my games just 14 hours ago. Many of the games that timed out where ones where it was my opponent’s turn to move.

I think i won two games by timeout. I am not 100% sure, but I think they both got more than 1 day for the next move.

Also i have a game and the oponnent is in holiday. But the clock is ticking.

Same problem (some games I won others I lost for the same reason):

I hope it’s possible to do something about it.

Yep, same problem here. We were dozens of moves past this point in the game, and my opponent had over 2 days left on their clock, when it rewound itself and timed out.

I lost one:
and won three: and

games some 20min ago. They are rolled back several moves and timed out. I’m sure that time wasn’t critical in any of them. Several more games are rolled back several moves. I’m not sure how many, I play lot of game to exactly remember all positions.

This one, won by timeout, even though it was actually my move:

Same with me. I just lost a game by timeout after the game rolled back several moves.

me too, game
also, the game position shown is not the final position, it lost some moves

It looks like they lost some number of most recent moves, e.g. 10 last moves, so suddenly the person that was about to move timed out.

I’m basically cancelling my support for OGS and looking for an alternative. This server has so many bugs and so many infrastructural problems that it’s just not worth it for me.

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Lost a game and lost a bunch of moves in many games. Many of them seem to have wound back about 20 or so moves. Very irritating and frankly unfair. I don’t remember what moves I made exactly. It’s like getting a free replay - for both players. Not cool if you are in a major battle and now have the chance to correct a mistake. What is going on here?

same thing, lost by time out and lost moves it was like half of the game moves

If they can’t undo this, I’m also canceling support and leaving ogs. I worked too hard for my ladder positions to lose them permanently due to a bug. I know ogs doesn’t have a lot of devs or resources, and I’m impressed with what it’s accomplished regardless, but this is too much.

Fortunately, only one of my games is affected.

This was a ladder game between Simba 4d and myself.
I now hold the #1 spot on the 19x19 ladder, while Simba dropped off due to the timeout.
I guess I should celebrate? :confused:

Just found out that I timed out in 13 games !!!
I played last time few hours ago and I made sure that there is no game with less than a day.
I wonder if admins plan to do something about it?

Folks, I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news …

… but please read this thread:

Hopefully you’ll feel slightly better after reading my comment and implicit (and radical) suggestion there, knowing that, thank heavens, I am not the deciding person here :wink:

Happened to me too, game went back many moves, and then I noticed I lost by timeout which is impossible. I don’t mind this temporary mess and chaos, but it’s unacceptable if I have to accept that game result.I completely remember how the game went and I’m sure my opponent would agree, though I know OGS is getting tons of these complaints and requests, so you probably can’t go through individual games, but instead plan to do something en mass.

Please at least do something about those game results, and be a lot LOUDER and more IN OUR FACES about the current situation and what not to do. Why not just take the site down for a bit??