Games Lost by Timeout due to Upgrade

Lost a game and lost a bunch of moves in many games. Many of them seem to have wound back about 20 or so moves. Very irritating and frankly unfair. I don’t remember what moves I made exactly. It’s like getting a free replay - for both players. Not cool if you are in a major battle and now have the chance to correct a mistake. What is going on here?

same thing, lost by time out and lost moves it was like half of the game moves

If they can’t undo this, I’m also canceling support and leaving ogs. I worked too hard for my ladder positions to lose them permanently due to a bug. I know ogs doesn’t have a lot of devs or resources, and I’m impressed with what it’s accomplished regardless, but this is too much.

Fortunately, only one of my games is affected.

This was a ladder game between Simba 4d and myself.
I now hold the #1 spot on the 19x19 ladder, while Simba dropped off due to the timeout.
I guess I should celebrate? :confused:

Just found out that I timed out in 13 games !!!
I played last time few hours ago and I made sure that there is no game with less than a day.
I wonder if admins plan to do something about it?

Folks, I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news …

… but please read this thread:

Hopefully you’ll feel slightly better after reading my comment and implicit (and radical) suggestion there, knowing that, thank heavens, I am not the deciding person here :wink:

Happened to me too, game went back many moves, and then I noticed I lost by timeout which is impossible. I don’t mind this temporary mess and chaos, but it’s unacceptable if I have to accept that game result.I completely remember how the game went and I’m sure my opponent would agree, though I know OGS is getting tons of these complaints and requests, so you probably can’t go through individual games, but instead plan to do something en mass.

Please at least do something about those game results, and be a lot LOUDER and more IN OUR FACES about the current situation and what not to do. Why not just take the site down for a bit??

The problem, as I understand it: if the site is down the remaining bugs cannot be found. And @anoek was quite “loud” in that thread I linked to.

But thanks for the suggestion, I’ll ask a mod colleague to switch a banner on the game server that points to said thread.

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me too, just lost a game by timeout, I play every day, checking all my clocks a few hours ago, there is no way I missed a game.

Well, might as well throw my timeout in this thread too:

Luckily this seems to be the only one for me either way. It’s not even that much a question of win/lose but not getting to play the game to the end. Especially now that last bunch of moves were rewound.

I lost a game by timeout also, after only two moves each. I couldn’t understand what had happened, because I had had time to catch up with all my moves several times a day, over the previous few days. At least I know what happened now.

Thanks to all involved for making ogs such a cool place to hang out.

I think the very least thing that could have been done was to pause the clock at least 1 day before and after the upgrade, so that there will be buffer time. Unless there was too much confidence that the upgrade will go smoothly, which shouldn’t be the case. I deal with systems too, and major upgrades will never go smoothly, and will need at least a few days of downtime.

Ok, I just lost TWENTY ONE (21) more games by timeout today.
And they happened in the games where I ALREADY PLAYED!! I had my vacation turned on to clear all the games where I was low on time, and once I turned my vacation off this happened.

Honestly I think I am just going to let all my games timeout, and come back when OGS is more stable.
Bye Bye OGS, for now.

P.S. Below are the list of games time-out today.

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Something went wrong last night. I checked my games yesterday evening and everything was OK. There was no coming timeout, I had enough time and planned to make moves today.

But today I found out:
I lost 1 game by incorrect timeout:
I won 1 game by incorrect timeout:
Few moves was rolled back in game:

Could you explain what happened and fix my games?

<sigh> Sorry, won’t be possible, as you’ll read in the linked post. We’ve all taken some collateral damage.

Lost game number 7397556 by time out when over 2 days remaining on clock and with vacation flag on (!). Game was also shown in a position with several moves rolled back from last move actually played. What do you intend to do about this please?

Apparently they can’t do anything about it. We just have to accept it. Accept the collateral damage.

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Well, I think I’m going to throw myself behind a train :wink:

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This bug has caused people to be disqualified from ladders and tournaments. Can that be fixed at least? Obviously we’d want the “has recently timed out of a game” shame flag to be cleared as well.

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I lost suddently due timeout last night, thus losing my awesome #7 position on 9x9 sitewide ladder. Situation on board isn’t correct, after that position at least 4 moves has been played, and i’m pretty sure i had enough time on my clock last night to prevent timing out :confused: