Games no longer sort on time left

The game list used to be sorted on my time left, ie, first was the game I had the least time left to make a move. The same behavior was when switching to next game via black icon with number of games to make a move in. Sadly, it is no longer the case. Now sort order seems random.

Please, bring back the old behavior or give us a way to define default sort order.


Yes, this is making it difficult for me to clear the urgent games. Could something be done about this?


I join to above wishes !!!


We have this issue marked on the internal priority thread.


@crocrobot And please make the list (and thumbnails) of games to show in which is my turn in - as it was before upgrade.

This is still there - chances are you have a lot of active games. Go to Settings and increase “Game thumbnail list threshold” to something greater than the number of games you’re actively playing. This will show the thumbnail grid for all your games instead of the list. On this, they will still be highlighted green if it’s your turn. The only difference is currently they are not sorted, so the green games will be interspersed throughout rather than all at the top. That’s what this thread is addressing mainly.

In thumbnail mode it shows games to play, but in mode “Always show list” - no

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Yes, I don’t need to see the thumbnail… I just want to display everything in a list, and still see which games are pending my move.

I do not have this option in settings on iOS.

Any updates on this one? This is the feature I miss the most from the old server version.

Has anyone figured out the logic behind the current sorting? :smiling_imp:

For those who missed it, there is an option now in user settings that allows to see thumbnails instead of list even if you play more games at once.

It might just be a bug lower priority than the other items being worked on currently. :slight_smile:

For those plagued by the problem and knowing what JavaScript/GreaseMonkey is consider this. This script lets you sort your games by move/name/time left/player name. Enjoy.


This finally got fixed. :slight_smile: Thanks to the devs!


Yes, thanks to the devs! :slight_smile:


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