Games that require scoring attention don't show up on the home page

I just had a frustrating result in a correspondence game. Games that require scoring attention – i.e., that are in danger of “auto-accept” – don’t seem to have prominent placement on the “home” page. Case in point, earlier today I did a quick check to see if I needed to make any moves in the next 24 hours. I made the moves that were needed in the next 2 days to cover the rest of the weekend, and then left.

Apparently my opponent had recently passed, entering scoring mode, but it wasn’t in the “needs attention in the next 2 days” section of my homepage, and a few hours later OGS “auto-accepted” on my behalf:

Since my opponent didn’t know that one of his/her groups was dead, we ended up with an incorrect score. (I’m new on this site, and didn’t know about auto-accept, or its short time frame.)

  1. If there’s some sort of timer for scoring, it should be used for sorting the games on the home page. Even better, put all the “scoring mode” games right at the top in flashing yellow.
  2. For correspondence games, a 24-hour auto-accept is quite short. Instead, it should auto-accept only when the game time runs out. I understand there’s a concern about escapers, but really: if it reaches scoring, these games have taken weeks or months to complete, so waiting for the opponent’s clock to run out isn’t a big deal. Just my opinion.

Perhaps the response time should be 24 hours or the time remaining on the clock for each user, whichever is longer?


As a solution to #2, this SGTM.

I totally agree with you, i find it absurd that accepting dead stones has to be done within 24 hours, even in games where players have many days, even many weeks on their clock.

In the meantime, i recommend not passing if you are not certain that you are free to mark&accept dead stones within 24 hours.
I usually check is my opponent online when passing, by opening a PM with him/her, thus increasing the changes of them being able to accept dead stones within minutes


I’ve posted this on the uservoice site. Please make comments and vote for it there if you would like it to be implemented.


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