Game's Timing Keeps Pausing at Weekend

As you see a picture, this is Monday guys, but the game still shows weekend. What’s the problem?

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Well I think it ist not monday on every part of this planet yet.

Ok, that sounds science.
I’ll wait until 17:00 on my side.

True, but before the update by my local Monday morning the clocks used to be running already.

Not a bad thing though, I prefer them stopped until the bugs are sorted out, so personally I wouldn’t mind some 14 days of weekend :slight_smile:

Well that depends totally on what your local time is. There is a timezone going monday last. :wink:
Also I would expect UTC or something as boundary.

There were no changes in my timezone for some 20 years or so. There is a change in OGS behaviour, though :wink:
Edit: And by the way, all my clocks are running now once again… pity, I was hoping for much longer weekend :slight_smile:

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I have been watching the weekend timing with interest and I think I can say for sure it is using the international dateline. This is quite different from before when I think it was using UTC.
I know there are a million things that need to be fixed but when the time is available, I would highly suggest a change back to UTC.

In Japan we are on the leading edge of the time zones and with the new settings, our “weekend” is now Sat 10 pm to Mon 10 pm which is off by +20h. Someone on the east coast of the US would be Sat 8 am to Mon 8am which is off by+8h.

Before, using UTC, Japan was Sat 10 am to Mon 10 am (+10h) and US was Fri 8pm to Sun 8 pm (-4h).

The old setting of UTC gave a “weekend” closer to the actual weekend for everyone across the globe on average.

There seems to be some problems with weekend pauses right now, Anoek just put it on manually, so just wait till the automation gets working again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. My request would be that everything to do with timing be treated with system wide emails. I don’t know why I get a “Friday Go with xhu98” but CAN’T get a “weekend time is not working” or “weekend time is being delayed 10h” type of email???

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