Games-to-move-in list / autoadvance not listing all games

I can’t locate anything like the old OGS ticket or support system, so I’m hoping this is in the right place. :slight_smile:

I recently timed out of a game. It was probably the first time in around eight years on OGS, so I found myself confused. I generally move multiple times in all my games daily, and the game in question had +1day per move with a 7 day cap on it, so that wasn’t making sense to me.

Went to my profile, and lo and behold there was another game that wasn’t in my auto-advance (the white icon in the top right indicated I had no games to move in), that I had less than a day to move in or I would time out. Hence, there would appear to be a bug where the list of games to update is not capturing all the games properly.