Games with what Time Controls affect ranks for "Blitz", "Live", and "Correspondence"?

Hi all -

I searched in vain for a half hour around the forums and the documentation (which needs to be updated - there is no mention there of the division of ranks into Live/Blitz/Correspondence/Overall) and could not find an answer to this question.

I know the open games graph divides time controls into “Blitz”, “Live”, and “Correspondence” - but it seems that games that are in each of those sections don’t necessarily result in rank adjustments afterward that strictly obey those sectional distinctions.

I’m trying to play more “Live” than “Blitz”, but I still like fairly brief games. I noted that a 5min + 5/10 byo-yomi fit well inside the “Live” section, so I played a couple games with that setting… However, despite the fact that I chose “Live” in my settings, and the game offer came up well within the “Live” section, each time I play that time control, my “Blitz” rank is affected.

Can the game offer graph be adjusted so that the games that fall within the various sections of that graph actually are ranked accordingly?




Been a while since I posted this. Any answers from the admins/developers?

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