Generating Revenue

In response to your second point:
This is already implemented (in part). Site supporters have their names in yellow everywhere on the main OGS site and in the chat room they have a yellow orb next to their name as well (both of these have the option to be turned off, but are on by default for all supporters).
When you visit their profile page, under their name in big letters is “site supporter” with a star either side of it.

The only aspect they have not implemented is making this label a hyperlink to the “become a supporter” page.


Seems to me that the most obvious prefered situation is just a bunch of supporters.

For that to be more effective i think there should be more bling for the supporters.

Like maybe limiting namechanges, discount-deals on stuff/partnerships or something.

ive always lked that idea of having x amount of “bombstones” a game, where you can place a stone and trigger a little nuke or bomb-animation. Perhaps used when you play a nice tesuji or kill a group . say 3 per game or something. that would be fun =) and wouldnt break the game.

the point is; more value for supporters


I’m okay with giving supporters cosmetic, non-gameplay affecting stuff, but being a site supporter should still feel more like a donation than a “premium subscription”, and not paying shouldn’t feel like you’re a second class citizen. So none of that “analysis/conditional moves/score estimator/zen mode/etc. only for site supporters” or “X free days then pay up” stuff. That would be a surefire way to drive out majority of the players.


Oh wow! I never noticed that for two reasons:

  1. There are so few supporters that I guess I’ve never run into one, and the fact that my own was in gold led me to erroneous conclusions about its meaning, if I bothered to think about it at all. (Players see their own names in gold, each player’s name is in a different color, etc.)

  2. There’s no explicit symbol or hover text, which is absolutely key. Otherwise, you depend on players already knowing what the gold means, but the whole point of the symbol and hover text is to spread awareness of this very option.

But this is good news, because it means OGS can enhance the power of what they’re already doing significantly with just a very minor tweak.


how about one double move when playing non-supporters :slight_smile:


would totally buy an ogs sweatshirt but it’d need to be cozy :relaxed:


go turns pay to win? :stuck_out_tongue:


A bomb animation for killing groups? I have no problem if two players agree to that but I sure do not want it in most games… I might as well migrate to Fly or Die…

A number of people have mentioned a one time payment option. I think this should be looked at. I would consider it. But I do not care for monthly withdrawals.

And something I have not seen is how much money would it take to increase foreign servers and other upgrades? And how much would it be divided among regular users?


New, site-supporter only feature for making own custom theme by simple “Backround color: #ff0000 type of tool?


Soooo, if we want some merch, how about helping make it happen? :slight_smile: I am sure there are some graphic designers among us that could help making it easy for OGS to make this whole thing happen…

Let me start:

Obviously, I thought it would be cool being able to actually put one’s number on this, not sure it’s doable though… :frowning:

Other ideas? :smiley:


I had a cool idea for a t-shirt:

Inspired by the Patagonia t-shirts. Not sure if this constitutes as copyright infringement :weary: :thinking:


I made this, looking forward for the European Go Congress 2018 where I hope to meet some other OGS User:



How about live tournaments with a small entry fee and potential (cash or otherwise) prizes?

I mean, that’s how the American Go Association gets a good portion of its money (other than selling memberships)

And site supporters could get a certain number of tournaments (at a lower cost than them buying tournament passes individually)


Cool idea but I still really want OGS t-shirts <3


Two words: fidget spinners

@anoek I demand OGS t-shirts <3

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One option would be using a website like:

Unfortunately, the cafe press international delivery options are limited.

The problem is I want OGS to get the money, not to simply make my own OGS shirts :slight_smile:

OGS could make money from royalty payments if they opened a shop. Just an idea. There may be other companies offering similar services.

Just a heads up, this off shoot exists.

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