Get better at go!

I am very happy to announce that Open Study Room is now fully active on OGS. We have put together a strong online community to provide free support to anyone who wants to take their Go to the next level - no matter what rank!

We cooperate closely with several high dan level and even professional players who provide lectures, help us review games and answer our questions on a regular basis. To name a few: Clossius (4d AGA) does a weekly lecture and teaching game for us, Guo Juan (5p) answers our questions on a monthly basis.

We have a friendly, yet very competitive league system with players from OGS as well as KGS, where you can test your skill in serious games with enough time to play your best and with strong players who can then help you review such games afterwards. Also we are just starting a study group aimed specifically for DDK players.

The only thing we ask in return is for you to behave friendly to others and help players who are weaker than you. That’s all.

If you are interested in what we can offer be sure to register at and join our OGS group to check out details and receive notifications about upcoming lectures and news. If you have any questions at all, you can contact us via [discord] (


Time to teach an old dog new tricks.



Hi, this looks like a cool league. I have a question about game setting requirements. It says the minimum time is 30 minutes main time, is there a maximum? Are correspondence games allowed?

there is no maximum, but so far it’s live only.

We are working on presenting a correspondence league as well, but it’s a bit tricky as we are active on KGS as well and there is no correspondence there.

Also, not that it matters too much, but if you or anyone else have any questions, there is better chance of getting an answer at our discord :slight_smile:

I joined the DDK league. Anyone up for a game this week end?

I looked it up. DDK means “double-digit kyu”, specifically the range 19k to 10k. Considered better than “beginners” who are 20k or greater. ( These are folks who improve quickly with some teaching, because they have habits that hold them back.

Personally, most beginners I have played seem to be closer to 28k or greater; these are folks who know the rules but not much strategy, not much tactics, and are poor at reading ahead. They need special teaching, including lots of patience on the part of the teacher, since most are not yet self-guiding (they don’t read books or try to solve life/death problems; they don’t analyze their games).

Guessing a little here, but I assume you are thus questioning my claim the group will be most suited for players from totall beginners to 15k.

And you might be right in a way. I was purposelly avoiding a precise clarification because really it kind of depends on who shows up. But we really want the lectures to be very beginner friendly and unless all of the atendees are stronger DDK players we would like to start from the basic principles and strategies and I think that even stronger DDK can benefit a lot from that, because often (esp since most of us here are self-though) they repeat some basic mistakes and just get ahead by outreading weaker opponents or by being stronger in other aspects, but it might be preventing them from progressing further.

What I certainly should have specified is that anyone who joins the lectures should undertand basic rules and recognize simple atari for example. Not that it would prevent anyone from joining, but it might just get a little too fast for such players. But anything is up to discussion :).

Or maybe I misunderstood :smiley: Either way thank you, I should have expressed myself better, but I was so excited to tell you all the great news that I got lost in my own words. :smiley:

Adam, your news is certainly good news. And I do not pretend to understand all the parameters of your new group. I have signed up for it, but please understand that I am taking cancer chemotherapy so my brain is not working well right now. If I gave offense, I apologize.

My greatest hope is that your group will provide a way for anyone to teach weaker players (which I enjoy doing) and to learn from more advanced players (which I also enjoy). I have no good idea of the actual specifics you have in mind.

I have registered for your group and for the chat group you used, and I plan to tune into your meetings on Wednesday, but I have no idea what to do now. The chat group turns me off (I’m not a fan of packaging SGF files of my games for review, or commenting on games–I have lots of experience teaching beginners who know the rules but nothing else, and I’m good at it.

I hope this post is not too confusing, my mind is whirling a bit.

No offense at all! Quite contrary, it was a good point. :slight_smile:

We certainly welocme anyone who is willing to teach others and I assume there will be plenty opportunities to do so.

Unfortunatelly I do not quite understand what you mean by the chat group turning you off :frowning: If it’s some technical support that you need feel free to message me privately so that we don’t clutter the forums.