Get games between group's members

Hi everyone,
I would ask if it has an easy/economical way to get current group’s games between members.
The behind idea is to triggers webhook when a game starts.
Thanks !

Edit: After inspection, it seems that your client use websocket to get the game list. I use a django server in order to run webhook and I think its not possible to add a websocket client on the server (Provide documentation for websocket clients · Issue #179 · django/channels · GitHub).

Hello there,
Nobody have an hint ? I would like to know if I could work with the websocket api in order to get current live games of a group.

The doc ( is still unreachable

There are a few people that could know the answer @flovo @Eugene @S_Alexander @AdamR @Lys @GreenAsJade @anoek

I am not one of those people :slight_smile:


The websocket way is the only way, it’s not documented per say but the client is open source and you can see how it gets it. I believe you should be able to get that without being logged in, so an anonymous socket should be fine.

My understanding is Django is geared for responding to requests, not for managing long term connections it initiates, so my guess is you’d probably want to have a second process that opens the connection to ogs and then posts stuff to your server which then does whatever it’s going to do, but you may find differently.


Thank you, I’m investigating this :wink:

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