Getting back into go, would like review

A game against a higher rated bot and i annihilated it. Wondering firstly if it was trolling and i was getting lucky but idk can someone better have a look and give pointers please ty.
Also if you have any idea about what rating i ought to / look to be.


try humans


You also learn much more from reviewing games you lost.


congrats on crushing the bot anyway good luck with getting back into Go!

it’s fairly hard to judge much from this game, since the bot died with everything. It’s hard to judge a level based on that, so maybe try a stronger bot, or even try a human 10kyu or something and then there could be something with points to review in it.

Feel free again to post here looking for a review also.

If you aim too high and lose to someone, that’s fine, you can try again and aim to beat a lower opponent, and there’s probably more pointers to give in games you lose because likely you have to make mistakes to lose and improve :slight_smile:


Sure ill throw a reply post of another more useful game.
I was just wondering if my greed was overstepping or not. Since the way i killed everythin was i judged that ig i had sente and tried to whenever i felt as such, to expand or try to kill stuff. And it worked so well i thought it was surely full of holes. I guess itd be more apparent in a close or lost game.

Reiterating on a point already made, but further adding to it… It’s very hard to really give any solid advice because the opponent was a bot. Bots don’t play normal moves and don’t think like humans do, at every level, but this is far more of a problem in the lower-ranked bots… because there is seemingly no logic behind many of the moves the bot plays.

The best advice I can give you is this.

  1. move up to a 19x19 board size. This is going to really test your abilities, and give you more to learn from, especially if you get reviews.
  2. play against other people. Human moves, always have some sense of logic to them, even if the logic used is wrong, or flawed.
  3. follow all of the other standard boring advice you will encounter to get better, if indeed that is the goal.

Feel free to ask me for a game review at any time, I will eventually get back to you if i am offline. And i really don’t mind giving game reviews.


I just played a game against that bot.
It definitely isn’t 11k as supposed.
Weird moves, self atari, everything dies… it’s a mess!

If you want to play against bots I suggest the family of noob bot / doge bot. You should find something that fits your level.
But I suggest to play against humans instead, if you can.

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I’m not sure why you’re asking us. Play against humans and find out, that how rating works :slight_smile: