Getting more vacation time


I don’t believe this is a topic I have seen. I did look, however, what I searched didn’t get me anything. Right now going on vacation but after I won’t have as much time left. How do you get more? Also, how can you get your vacation time to increase? Thanks.


Become a site supporter. You’ll get 200% max vacation time and 160% vacation recharge rate.


Vacation time grows on itself whenever you are not on vacation. I believe it is +1 day of vacation every 8 days.

Supporters get boost to this, but otherwise there is no other way to get more anytime you want :slight_smile:


Becoming a site supporter also makes you 136% more attractive to individuals who identify as what you are attracted to. It’s a widely believed fact.


I’m a supporter, and so is my wife… so it must be true!


Thanks all for answering my question. It helped a lot.