Ghost disqualify

I happened twice in a day to see this.

Here are those two tournaments.

In both a player is disqualified without known reason. In first is Myselium, in the second myself. It looks like you can get disqualified for opponent not showing up, or resigning without playing.

And there are some features missing. There should be a clasament, too often is hard to see who won the tournament. but I will make this proposal in other dedicated post.

In the Blitz 19x19 Elimination Tournament Grigory Resigned from the tournament and Myselium got disqualified for whatever reason ( There are no players left for a third round.

For the New Years day 2k19 Go Tournament almost all players got disqualified (Most games ended with only one stone played) ( The games tree looks correct to me, but I couldn’t follow what you expect it to look like.

It would be good if resignations/disqualifications would be shown in single/double elimination.


Grigory resign is of no consequence in this discussion and was obvious. Myselium just won, so there is no reason for disqualification. Actually I know only one, losing on time in correspondence, or not showing in direct games. But he was there, and even asked me what happened, he made me aware of the problem. This answer is really funny though. It remind me of that joke, where the student write a formula on the board, but for the part he cannot explain writes … then a miracle happens. No, we cannot dismiss problems with this sort of answers. Sounds logic, He got no trophy even was on second place than must have been disqualified. But since he was there we must find that whatever reason is.

In 2k19 Maybe my English is not good enough. I said Now in winners bracket, the bye still sit bye while the winner that played all games still sits without playing. So let make me understand. In double elimination you play till got eliminated and then play again in losers bracket and if manage to get in the end play one more game with the winner. Crystal clear. So, in order to get out of tournament you need to lose twice, or get disqualified. In the tree games that looks good to you loses a player on the road without reason. Let take a look again. Ehomba wins in first and second round. In the third does not have opponent being odd number, so is bye wins by default. In the fourth round, again is bye because again is odd number. It should have been bye Tiseptiko or Sandhun. They had no bye yet. In the fifth round is even worse is no about bye, there are only two players, Ehomba and Tiseptico, but they both sits.

OOPs, I think I should edit this post. I should write why I was eliminated even I was present at the games? I notice now that there is a continuous line between rounds. And the name is there for the next rounds but mine is not. Even more, there is not a line from first to second round for ehomba. I assumed that the name was not repeated being a bye, but I see now that the name is repeated even the player sits.

I don’t know the reason for the disqualifications (automatic, TD, mod, …). The reason is not accessible over the API.

This matches my experience as well.

For some reason ehomba is disqualified after round 2. Players with bye are shown in the game tree without an opponent, but still shown (alpaca_yam for example in that tournament).

For the tournament the API reports

    "90428": {
        "username": "ehomba",
        "ratings": {
            "overall": {
                "deviation": 77.33873627826272,
                "rating": 1900.098857823486,
                "volatility": 0.05912442343757969,
                "games_played": 545
        "ranking_live": 19,
        "ui_class": "",
        "ranking": 20,
        "country": "ro",
        "ranking_blitz": 17,
        "eliminated": false,
        "rank": 7,
        "ranking_correspondence": 22,
        "sos": 2.0,
        "points": 2.0,
        "resigned": false,
        "sodos": 2.0,
        "aga_valid": null,
        "professional": false,
        "disqualified": true,
        "net_points": 2.0,
        "id": 90428,
        "icon": ""

please note the "disqualified": true

I think it would be appropriate to aks “why got I disqualified?”. I don’t know if the answer is recorded somewhere. Maybe a mod or anoek can help with that.


Thanks Flovo. At least now I know for sure that is not the pairing.

And the tournaments themselves are not important. But is good to know that the system is faulty and is not reliable for tournaments where results matters. As an organizer, especially for kids I know that these things matters.

And no, I would not ask why I was disqualified because I do not care. I submitted the issue only to be recorded and the system to be fixed if is possible.

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