Ghost Handicap Point Strikes Again!

Budgie had a point awarded to it for a non-existent handicap stone :ghost::scream::dizzy_face:

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The settings say there is a 1 stone handicap, which usually means a normal game without komi

It is true.

I personally find that confusing as well.

I also don’t really understand why 1 stone is considered equivalent to 6.5 points.

That seems inconsistent with the victory conditions of go, which are that the margin doesn’t matter, it’s only whether you have the most.

I suppose the answer is a combination of tradition and experience tells us so. :man_shrugging:

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That is weird. I believe I had Komi and Handicap set to automatic. I notice that Budgie’s Komi regularly shifts between matches. I had no idea such a setting was possible though.


I don’t think tradition should ever be considered in a ruleset. That is something that has held Japanese rules back from being perfected for years. The culture and tradition of the oral rules being represented in various ways in the wording of the written rules :see_no_evil:.

What I think is weird, is that white gets a point as compensation for a handicap that is just lowered komi. Kind of defeats the purpose of lowering the komi. Also, it’s strange that your game has komi…

How so? :thinking:

Haha, yeah that is a silly mistake

Yes, especially on 9x9 awarding a full stone is quite a big boost. For people close in rank just removing (or diminishing) komi is much more fair IMHO.
The extra point for the komi (not yet stone) is a mistake though I believe. In Chinese it is usual to award a point for each HC stone to your opponent (to keep the rulesets more unified as the stone itself counts for a point under Chinese rules, which would immediately make a difference to other rulesets).

I will log it somewhere to get a fix in the future :slight_smile:


Since it’s a handicap game, and handicap games shouldn’t have komi.

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I’m not sure that’s right on a 9x9. BGA tournaments use a system (possibly AGA or Japanese origin) of a combination of stones and Komi/reverse Komi for small board handicaps. I think ogs sites something similar, at least for 1 rank difference. Komi is Mornay normally 5.5 isn’t it but in this game it was 3.5. tThe extra point for white still messes with the system though! I guess this is something embedded in the scoring algorithm (i.e. add rank difference to white in handicap Chinese games)