Give max size to the board

On mobile, each mm is precious.(it’s like 3 here!)

To compare, no loss on IGS


I tought this was solved but after checking i found that this is linked to the cycling between different Coordinates system in the game page (position and existence)

After some more testing the problem still appears on board with Coordinates

Refreshing the page do wonders

So to resume, you need to refresh the page after cycling between the coordinates system in the game page or you may end with a bad centered and too small board.

Besides being awful and inefficient (considering using the most place for the board on a mobile) it’s the kind of details which still make OGS looking very cheap vs other go servers.

Really? I don’t play on other servers, but seeing them in Dwyrin videos, they seem to me to have an outdated aesthetic. OGS may not be on the level of lichess in that department, but it seems way better than other Go servers


Well i never met a server with a floating uncentered board before OGS.

Maybe extreme could push into giving more importance to these details, so let’s imagine we got a 1cmx1cm goban in a corner of the screen to play (but with a very nice esthetic, please!) won’t this make players laughing and run away?

To the attention of developers, it’s crucial that OGS running in a browser without need of an external client can reach the same standard, like to have things at the right maximized place ( especially the goban! ) and without need to refresh the page.

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We’re talking about a very small difference in screen usage, nothing like the extreme mentioned here


@Groin is using extreme language to try and bully the developers into fixing this minor issue that only he notices. It’s the childish idea that crying loud enough will get you your way.

Groin, if you’d care to provide some sort of evidence that people truly decide where to play based on if there are 3mm missing from the side of the board, I’d be happy to take back what I said. Like perhaps there is some IGS forum where lots of users mention leaving OGS due to their imperfect board creation.

But for now you just look silly trying to emotionally manipulate people for your own personal quirks.

One last thing. I don’t even disagree with groin, but the language and manner of voicing said request is antagonistic and manipulative.


On mobile, some screens have curved edges or people have cases on their phones so cannot tap so accurately right up to the edge. So this margin could be considered a feature not a bug.


While OGS able to make board almost as big as possible in portrait mode, it has much bigger problems in landscape mode. Menu at the top and arrows at the bottom decrease board size. Zen mode fixing it, but it has no chat.


if you need spaces around edge, just turn coordinates on. This is bug.

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Though its not clear which way of fixing it is better. Make some stones have different size? make some distances between stones different? Make edges of board go slightly beyond the screen(edges of 1st line stones not visible)?

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I disagree, for example from the same thread

That’s not OGS destiny, and fixing the way the goban fit in a mobile screen looks like a good start.

Sorry if I deceive you but I don’t have any strategy like this when i am trying to explain something. And myself I’m avoiding to start to search for that kind of low level analysis in the words of others. I’m not that twisted.

That’s not my way to debate with someone else. Don’t go personal, please.
You don’t look silly but a bit over emotional and nervous here. I’m not talking about wars and criminals, simply pointing how OGS could show a better face to its users, especially on a mobile.

That could inspire me to go get their opinion on the screenshots i made but that would be against my wish to make OGS a better place and anyway i know what answers i will get there already.

I fully agree that the landscape view is even worse (i never use it).
IMHO in that view all would have to be redesigned so that the goban maximizes his size from the top to the bottom (which would offer the same confort as in an optimized portrait view).
I understand then all the difficulties it would create. On my phone my browser is already taking too much place so landscape well… A nono for me.

That’s the most solid argument here till now but it seems not to be a problem looking at apps from other servers, like the one i screenshot from IGS.

On my phone (Chrome 121.0.6167.164 on android 2460x1080 display) in portrait mode the board takes up the full screen width, with or without coordinates.

Is it only an issue at certain screen resolutions?

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I believe the true reason behind these margins is that the board does some calculations to make sure each line/square is the same width in pixels. This is nice because you’re less likely to see aliasing artifacts from a line on a pixel border. If your screen happens to be a nice multiple of 19 (or 20 with coordinates) then there won’t be a margin. Otherwise there will probably be some space on the edges.

Not saying it can’t be improved. Maybe this type of handling isn’t as important on today’s high res displays. Or maybe we can expand the board canvas, even if the lines stay the same.


Ok but what about the differences coming when cycling between the different coordinates system? (Cured by refreshing)

Good for you! Did you try cycling through the different coordinates system? Do you get still a well fitted board?

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No difference on cycling the coordinates, no need to refresh.

But now that I take a screenshot, what looked to my eye like the full screen shows a small blank space to the right. It is very small, I did not notice it before that, but not completely max size.

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