Giving opponnent extra time

It has occurred to me that I wanted to give my opponent time a couple of times, but I couldn’t really. The best I can do is pause the game, but I don’t really know what happens then. Is my opponent still able to play when the game is paused? If so, does it still give them time with fisher or byo-yomi when they play?

I imagine it is not the most pressing concern (as it is irrelevant most of the time, and even when it is relevant, it is not the biggest problem in the world), but I’d like to know if there is any interest in such a feature, other than me, and if it is something likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

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  • Each players can pause a game four times
  • Yes, both can play moves.
  • Time is stopped, so also no time is earnt my playing.

What I don’t know exactly is how long a pause can go, resp. whether there is a limit for when no player is playing a move … perhaps forever? I’ve had such a paused game with extremely long intervals between moves (we had accidentally begun a timed game).


Oh, two more things:

  • Vacation — check out your settings, you will see that you collect vacation days. (This is probably NOT what any of you will want to choose here, though.)
  • Any of the opponents can “unpause” a pause, regardless of who paused it. Communication about this with the opponent is recommended. (Preferably as a PM since chat entries sometimes tend to get overlooked in a game.)

Really? Is this true? If so, the interface seems quite misleading and could cause players to inadvertently time out, when they otherwise thought they were “paused” (as indicated by the interface) due to the other player being on vacation.


Thank you for these informations, I guess pause will be enough for my purposes.


And one more reply: Thanks, @yebellz—I think you are right, and I deleted that part from my comment.

Sorry …

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