Glitchy 9x9 Live D.E. tournaments

Recently, the Live 9x9 Double Elimination tournaments have been quite glitchy. I almost expect to play 2 games in the first round. It often has people in the losers’ bracket playing people in the winners’ bracket before the finale. In a tournament I was just in ( I was eliminated first round, after only losing 1 game (by 0.5 points, not by timeout or anything), and I didn’t resign or anything, it just… eliminated me. There were times when people weren’t eliminated even after losing 2 games.
Here are a few examples:
I played 3 games, in the round it says I played Spliff. However, I also played Lamb and reualserb.
The brackets absolutely make my head hurt. also, the games are literally on top of each other, not to mention I played 2 games in 2 of the rounds. A player in the winners’ bracket faced a player in the losers’ bracket third round, and the player in the winners’ bracket was eliminated after they lost.
OGS has seen increased tournament sizes due to the pandemic, and it may be overwhelming OGS. I don’t see why, but if there are enough players, the brackets decide to all get drunk and wander around where they shouldn’t be.
Other people have this issue too. Several of my friends have reported it.
It seems that the Swiss tournaments also have the two games at once issue, and they both count towards the Points, though only the one listed on the tournament page counts towards the Sum of Opponents’ Scores or Sum of Defeated Opponents’ Scores. In the Live 9x9 D.E., sometimes they both count, sometimes only the one on the tournament page does.
Not sure if it’s related, but once I saw a 12k player get byes in 3 of the 4 rounds in a Live 19x19 Swiss tournament (the tournament had 2 SDKs and a 4d).

The tournaments say they can handle up to 100 people, but somehow that seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

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Can I add another glitch?
In the tournament that usually starts at 2020-04-24T07:00:00Z(well same every day), started at 2020-04-24T07:00:00Z instead, and was actually scheduled to. Here is the tournament:

It has never been scheduled like that before that I know of, and I don’t see why that should change now.

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(To clarify: the tournament started at xx:32, when it was supposed to start at xx:30. This often happens with the Swiss tournaments starting at xx:31, but last time a non-Swiss tournament started past the xx:30, it was right before the Big Disconnection.)


My clocks didn’t work :angry:


In the chat, didn’t you say that you were worried since that happened last time, and then the Correspondence Games lost by disconnection bug happened?


Here is another one:

This one had a round that apparently took 8-10 min to start(I wasn’t watching at the time) and at least I received a notification that the tournament ended while a game was in process( going on from my end, but I already got the notification that the tourney ended)). I think that this was part of a sitewide issue by looking at the chat and having experienced it(my forum post about the sitewide issue: No One Registers as Online), but I think that in the past few days, the amount of these 9x9 double elim tournaments with glitches have increased. I used to never have issues, or they would happen rarely, and I even bookmarked a few and called them “Ultimate Glitch Tournaments”. Now I think I have seen or heard at least one per day if not more, and I think that if it happens so often, it would possibly be easier to find the errors(I don’t code and so I don’t know how to find stuff like this).

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This one was full at the scheduled start time, but started 1 min late. Not a huge deal, but I have heard bad things happening after tournaments starting late.

A minute late again. On the bright side, this is better than the tournaments completely glitching out, but I don’t think it should happen with that many people and if it is scheduled to go sooner.