GnuGo AI not counting the game result


I am not sure if this is a known issue/intended behaviour, but I played a few matches against GnuGo and the only way to end any match was to give up. I won one of the last matches, but after 24 hours, the AI still hasnt accepted the counting result (I used the standard counting) and is now stuck on a timeout.

This is the game:

Just says “Accept removed stones (0.0)”

Any input?

Very few people will be able to help since you made that game private. Only admins and mods can see it. (At least, I think mods can…)

Yeah, this is a known issue (just with GnuGo, so far as I know). I ended the game after you kindly granted access. The devs should nail down the underlying cause soon.


Ah, sorry, that private setting was not intended. A moderator just came by to solve it and said its known. So I hope they get to fix the issue soon. :slight_smile:

Apparently the issue only appears with GnuGo recently, so anyone else reading this might want to try the other AIs for now.