Go Academy: Login and Reviews


Ive stumbled across Go Academy (https://www.go-academy.org) as a place to review and have games reviewed.

Ive been trying to contact them via their email, on their page, but the mails arent going through.

Does anyone know how to get in touch?

Is Go Academy still a place go players frequent to get games reviewed?

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Are you referring to the go academy?

No idea how to contact them otherwise than via the website’s contact form.

Im talking about this go-academy, https://www.go-academy.org. Sorry for not linking it.

Never heard before of this site. So i visited a bit:

A bunch of games were reviewed in 2022 but only 4 in 2023. There are much more reviews here in this forum :wink:

Note that the space for games open for reviews is fully spammed by a mountain of advertising (50x 20=1000 ads and 0 games in 2023), not a good sign for activity.

If you go straight to the early years (2015) you ll find more movement.

There are some reviews made by Hwang In-seong so i watched one (a video on youtube), always a pleasure.

Besides our lovely forum, you may try this one:

lol, that does sound like a bad sign for activity.

Thanks for checking it out and recommending gokibitz.

Before any other forum, forums.ogs.com keeps its crown, surely. I got interested in exploring their page and needed an account to take a look.

Thanks again, you solved an ulterior issue: why were the mails rebounding off the servers. Clearly it’s gone down.

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There was a nice project for this, the Go Teaching Ladder.
But I just learned, that it shut down its service in 2016.


That’s too bad, I remember the Go Teaching Ladder from my early days of learning Go as a DDK/Low SDK.

It was always inspiring to see other players teaching others across all of the different levels and so many players being willing to help others.

(the idea I recall being that one could request a review from a stronger player at any level, and also give reviews to weak players in turn)

To me, it really captured an essential aspect of the giving and generosity in the ''culture" of playing Go, and the spirit of helping one another amongst all players, regardless of their strength, which I find really inspiring.

I think it was also great to have been able to see that being such a big part of the Go community online as a beginner, and the emphasis on helping one another in return and exchanging, rather than doing stuff like ‘‘trying to be the best’’, ‘‘winning’’ and whatnot whilst ignoring the other players, which one might typically expect to find in a competitive game/environment. I hope it helped other beginners too.

I wonder if anyone has restarted a similar project since the Go Teaching Ladder stopped. :cry:


To me this is something much more existent in real life go playing. Online could need more investment to review, players may be less conscious of being exchanging with another human or players may consider playing go less seriously for some reasons (blitzing to avoid external help for ex)