Go Accessories (Board Covers, Bowl Carrying Bags etc.)

Hi, folks! I searched the forum to see if I could find any threads about accessories for go equipment but couldn’t find anything obvious so thought I’d start one here.

I bought some go equipment last year but struggled to find anywhere in the UK or Europe that sold accessories such as board covers and bowl carrying bags. It seemed to me that, even if you don’t envisage taking your equipment out of the house much, it made sense to look at potential storage options to protect your investment. I saw that Yellow Mountain Imports in the US often sells these kinds of things but they don’t appear to post items to Europe (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I ended up ordering a bespoke cover for my board from someone I know at Fizzbiz in Albrighton, UK. I was really pleased with the result, which you can see here.

I’m still looking for a carrying bag to protect my go bowls when they’re not in use (similar to this one from YMI). If anyone on the forum knows of a UK or European retailer where I might be able to get one then please do say.

If anyone has any other recommendations for go accessories that might be of interest to other forum users then please feel free to share them here. Thanks!


Neither of the two German webshops I know, nor the Dutch one sell bowl bags. I do remember seeing an all-in-one solution, but that was 10 years ago…


Try the Yellow Mountain Imports eBay store as suggested in their shipping information.


Yup, what @opuss says … I live in Germany, and I’ve ordered from http://stores.ebay.com/Yellow-Mountain-Imports, very happy with my Yunzi stones, beautiful bowls, and the bag for the bowls.


Ah! Thanks for the links to the Yellow Mountain Imports eBay store. I think I tried it in the past but it looks like they just won’t send to my address in the Isle of Man. I’ll try contacting them again and see what they say.

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Have you tried if this one ships to you? They would ship to Iceland :slight_smile:


Thanks, @tsitua! I’ll have a look at that as well.

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And you cannot forget the Katana. You aren’t properly accessorized without a katana.


When I chose my first real Kaya Goban, I wanted to carry it around. So I chose a thin one and found that a carrying bag for traditional oil painting canvas size “8F” (Numéro 8 Figure) is the perfect size.

It is meant for carrying 2 dry canvas on stretcher frame which weigh next to nothing, so they tend to be very light-duty, but mine is made out of strong Nylon fabric, has adjustable handles that stretch to be used as shoulder straps.

However, I’ve found it’s not easy to find this kind of product these days, and moreover, I’ve realized the weight of Kaya goban and my thick stones in full-size Gosu make it tiresome to carry them for distance. So I’m back to my foldable magnetic board for portability purposes :frowning: