Go Ai World Championships 2020 (Live)

I saw this shared and believe it might be of interest to some people on the forums

There will be a live stream of games at https://www.twitch.tv/gameofgo and https://youtu.be/r3mbaze3VXM

The stream seems to be live now but with a countdown to 2020-09-27T01:30:00Z

I will update if I find out more about the schedule.

I believe this is where there is some more info


From the reddit post it says,

Here are the AI’s:

  1. Golaxy (favorite to win)
  2. LeelaZero
  3. WeiHuGo
  4. Tian Go
  5. izisgo
  6. Clear Stone
  7. BaduGI
  8. YiXiaoTian
  9. DaPangGo
  10. BSK
  11. Go Spirit
  12. AiQiGo
  13. XiaoFeiGo
  14. Handtalk
  15. FlyingTiger
  16. YiLeGo
  17. ChaoRanGo
  18. KataGo
  19. DolBaram
  20. MyrtleGo

It seems like the first 7 games will go ahead today with odd numbers playing as Black.

There was an initial delay, but it's back on and live now!


For instance @Maharani and @egri-nagy might enjoy some of these potentially, among other people.


The website for games:


LeelaZero vs Golaxy (although it won’t let me edit the demo board name/players after being made)

ChaoRanGo vs Katago


Yeah, exciting win for LeelaZero and very very sad time out for Katago in winning position. Never play last second on the internet even if you’re a bot. And they had 5 periods of byo-yomi too so probably a big mistake by the managing team here.

Edit: Also, hecking 5g


Also, the most annoying part of the tournament is AI byo-yomi use. They think for 60s every time so the game drags. I kinda liked how it was before when they used absolute time.

And they’re filling inside the territory after the game.

Thus (black left)
LeelaZero 1-0 星阵围棋
威狐围棋 0-1 天狗围棋 (timeout)
隐智围棋 1-0 清石围棋
小爱围棋 0-1 弈小天 (invalid game)
大胖围棋 1-0 BSK (timeout)
棋之魂队 0-1 爱奇围棋
小飞围棋 0-1 手谈
飞虎队 0-1 逸乐围棋
超然围棋 1-0 KataGo (timeout)
石子旋风 0-1 采薇围棋


Next round started LZ against 爱奇围棋, KataGo against DolBaram.

KataGo took 5 minutes to place the first move.

Golaxy won by resignation in 87 moves.

Another loss for KataGo, what a disaster. They’ll need to perform well in the rest of the rounds, it’s not over yet.

采薇围棋 1-0 超然围棋
逸乐围棋 1-0 大胖围棋 (timeout)
手谈 1-0 隐智围棋 (timeout)
爱奇围棋 0-1 LeelaZero
弈小天 1-0 天狗围棋 (timeout)
KataGo 0-1 石子旋风
BSK 0-1 飞虎队 (timeout)
清石围棋 0-1 小飞围棋
星阵围棋 1-0 棋之魂队
小爱围棋 0-1 威狐围棋

We have 逸乐围棋, 手谈, 采薇围棋, 弈小天 and LeelaZero leading with 2 points.

Handy-dandy list for English and Chinese names:

  1. LeelaZero 里拉零
  2. Golaxy 星阵围棋
  3. WeiHuGo 威狐围棋
  4. Tian Go 天狗围棋
  5. izisgo 隐智围棋
  6. Clear Stone 清石围棋
  7. BaduGI 小爱围棋
  8. Yixiaotian 弈小天
  9. DaPangGo 大胖围棋
  10. BSK
  11. Go Spirit 棋之魂队
  12. AiqiGo 爱奇围棋
  13. XiaofeiGo 小飞围棋
  14. Handtalk 手谈
  15. FlyingTiger 飞虎队
  16. YiLeGo 逸乐围棋
  17. ChaoRanGo 超然围棋
  18. KataGo 卡塔围棋
  19. DolBaram 石子旋风
  20. MyrtleGo 采薇围棋

I made a SL page before we all forget:


I wanted to like the last post more than once :slight_smile:

The next stream will again be on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/gameofgo and on youtube https://youtu.be/UZkdyx_PvNM

counting down to 2020-09-28T01:30:00Z more or less


So many timeouts in this tournament. I wonder how meaningful the results are when it’s like this.


Yeah I’m thinking there must be some misunderstanding with the time controls for so many teams to be timing out…

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I heard that some servers were lagging more than 1 second per move. I don’t know how much that is within the control of the tournament organizers, and how much it was just the internet in general that they have no control over. If it’s just one or two teams timing out, then it’s much more likely the blame lies with the players, but when over half the games are TOs, then you can’t just chalk it up to individual programmers not knowing the rules.

I’m wondering how come there isn’t an anti-lagging system? A lot of online turn based servers have them, where they subtract the lag from your clock so that you’re not penalized for having a worse internet connection.


Katago scored the first win. Leela Zero is having a good position against YXT.

Feels like bots don’t lose time periods anymore. /spoke too soon

Btw, looks like hardware isn’t fixed so it’s not very representative anyway

LZ is having crazy kos

~3 hour game for LZ


Yesterday I was determined to watch all the rounds but after intensive first round of the day I laid down and fell asleep. Let’s catch up on what happened.

In round 3 Leela won in crazy ko game, KataGo won easily against weaker engine after losing both games the day before.

The results of round 3 are:

  1. LeelaZero 1-0 弈小天
  2. 手谈 0-1 逸乐围棋
  3. 星阵围棋 1-0 采薇围棋
  4. 威狐围棋 0-1 隐智围棋 (timeout)
  5. 天狗围棋 1-0 大胖围棋 (timeout)
  6. 爱奇围棋 1-0 小飞围棋 (timeout)
  7. 飞虎队 0-1 超然围棋 (timeout)
  8. 清石围棋 0-1 石子旋风
  9. BSK 0-1 小爱围棋
  10. 棋之魂队 0-1 KataGo

And that put 逸乐围棋 and LeelaZero into the lead with all games won.

In the next round LeelaZero lost by time in what appeared to be winning 0.5 game with only dame left.

Frankly, ridiculous.

Katago won by 0.5 at least:

See, AI shows white winning by 0.5 but since black passed first it’s 6.5 komi and black wins.

The results:

  1. 逸乐围棋 1-0 LeelaZero (timeout)
  2. 采薇围棋 1-0 手谈
  3. 石子旋风 0-1 爱奇围棋 (timeout)
  4. 超然围棋 1-0 星阵围棋
  5. 弈小天 0-1 隐智围棋
  6. 天狗围棋 1-0 飞虎队 (timeout)
  7. KataGo 1-0 小爱围棋
  8. 小飞围棋 0-1 威狐围棋 (timeout)
  9. 大胖围棋 1-0 棋之魂队
  10. BSK 0-1 清石围棋 (invalid game)

Round 5:

  1. 天狗围棋 1-0 逸乐围棋
  2. 隐智围棋 0-1 LeelaZero
  3. 爱奇围棋 0-1 采薇围棋
  4. 威狐围棋 0-1 超然围棋
  5. 星阵围棋 1-0 弈小天 (timeout)
  6. 大胖围棋 0-1 KataGo (timeout)
  7. 手谈 0-1 石子旋风
  8. 清石围棋 1-0 小爱围棋
  9. 小飞围棋 0-1 飞虎队
  10. 棋之魂队 1-0 BSK

This puts 超然围棋, 采薇围棋, 天狗围棋, 逸乐围棋 and LeelaZero on top with 4 wins and 1 loss each. Totally 5 places. And the next group with 3 wins are 隐智围棋, 爱奇围棋, 星阵围棋, KataGo and 石子旋风. Top-8 qualify so it’s going to be a fierce battle in today’s 2 rounds.


No matter what the final results are from this tournament, I don’t think we can draw any meaninful conclusions from them with so many games ending by timeouts :confused:

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Aside from the conclusion that “AI bots need better time controls” ; )


and looks like YouTube link is https://youtu.be/LQoUmYTQLf8 counting down again to roughly to 2020-09-29T01:30:00Z


I think strongest bots will still qualify for finals and then we’ll get some meaningful results. It’s offline and has 3 game quarterfinals, 5 game semis and 7 game final.


oh good :slight_smile: that is slightly better :slight_smile:

Am I mistaken, or is FineArt not competing?

Correct, not competing. Maybe the prize money aren’t worth the hassle for them.

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They are like AlphaGo, too good for our petty little “tournaments” :rofl:


Katago already won against AiqiGo 爱奇围棋 by no-show. That’s curious, AiqiGo was going pretty well.