Go Apps For Mobile Or PC/Mac

Is there a way to tell your browser to load the mobile version of the page rather than the desktop version? The mobile version moves that menu underneath chat which is a bit further out of the way but might resolve your issue temporarily. Also, please stop using the score estimator. It promotes laziness.

Firefox addon “user agent switcher”. BUT it’s best to know what you’re doing when you’re doing that so read up on how to reverse it. It’s been years since I used it so idk how it performs or even looks nowadays. Having performed a quick search, there are three extensions with that name… good luck!

GOSU Joseki
GOSU Games
Elygo Pro
Hactar Go
CrazyStone DeepLearning Pro

Windows PC
-Moyo Go Studio by Frank de Groot


Are there any android apps that I can use to analyse games using leelazero? Gridmaster plays against LZ + elf weights but no analysis. Is it possible to analyse games on android using LZ?

“A Master of Go—An iPad Go app with neural network of ELF OpenGo”


Developer Yuji Ichikawa introduces it in a post on L19, you can discuss with them there … very interesting thread with comments of users who immediately purchased the app, screenshots, bug reports, etc., the developer seems to be responsive:


(my olden iPad 2 sadly is too old and too weak for this :sob: )


… for Windows

… for macOS

Includes the famous GoGoD collection of games.
License valid for both Windows and macOS.

Go Quest is an app for playing against people online with iOS

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You can learn Igo and brush up on your Japanese at the same time with iOS Igo Island, which is about as kawaii as you’d expect for a children’s learning application. Free, search for developer “The Nihon Ki-in” if you don’t have Japanese fonts installed.

Also for Android, and it also has a browser version albeit with limited functionality.

I wrote a free open-source SGF editor

Platform: most web browsers

It can also be used offline, by downloading the source and just opening an HTML file locally in a web browser.

Previously announced it here on the forum:


So by source code you mean on the github page all of the files and folders starting at the top (css) down to the bottom (testing.html)? :thinking:

Sorry for the dumb question. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Duhh – I just noticed the DL or Clone button on the right side! :laughing:

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