Go Basics group: teaching and learning place for all levels

The OGS Go Basics group is being reactivated with game reviews and tournaments. I invite you all to join in to learn and teach with us. :smiley: Go to the group chat room at the OGS chat page to organize games, tournaments and reviews.

There will always be an 8 players Live Swiss tournament open (named Quick & Review), with 3 rounds of 10m+5x30s games, without rank restrictions. We intend to review some games as well, after each tournament finishes. We will be organizing the start of these in the OGS chat page as well.

EDIT: The Correspondence Round Robin (I called it here Shortie) will be added soon as a sitewide tournament.

Welcome and enjoy!


When will the live tournaments occur?


Meet us in the chat room! :wink:

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That’s allowed and totally welcomed! Just hop into a game and kibitz! :smiley: