Go blog and resources

Hi everyone,

I started a go blog and wanted to share the link if you are interested.


I appreciate the critic, ideas and help.



Nice … I found myself reading every entry :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support mate. Writing is not my strong suit at all but hoping it will get better in time… :slight_smile:


Unlike our dear friend Trohde, I did not read everything that you have written. But what i did read showed some potential. I would personally like to see this grow and get better.

I am a writer unlike yourself, My advice for you is not to work on content at the moment, as your content in terms of what you are writing about is working for you I think. However, what i will say is the quelity of the writing itself needs some brushing up.

The best thing you can do to improve it at the moment is to take everything you write and put it through a spelling and grammar checker. This is something i do quite often for my work writing. It helps that i write everyhting i write on Google docs, so that elimintates much of the spelling and grammar errors that are errent in my own writing. (Which i will leave alone in this post as an example, that even though im a writer, there is a lot to improve on all the time.)

Some other tips for you.

As a writer, i want to write books, so what i do, is i read, and listen to books. Not only does this allow me to take in what others write, but also how they write things. There is a book i am reading now, and every now and then i come across a part that i personally would have written in a different way. But there are more parts where i feel that i have learned that i could write certain things in my own writing better.

So the idea here is, go and read blogs. Not just Go related blogs, but also blogs about other things. Even completely unrelated. Look at how they write, how they structure posts, and indeed how they include other related and relevent materials, and even the images that they use, and the size of those images. how they are placed and so on.

Get a feel of what works well in these blogs, and what does not work. And start making notes. not just about blogs, but also take a notebook everywhere you go. Or be prepared to trype out ideas on your phone of any ideas you have for an article.

One last thing… set up a routine. Post content on certain days, write on certain days, and edit on certain days. Consistency is something that a lot of people look for in blogs. They want content they can rely on. And ideally you want to be that person.

Also dont be afraid to ask people for help, and even to write articles for you either. You can even write articles about articles. As long as its interesting.

If i think of any other ideas, i shall let you know. But also, message me or something if you want to talk more about certain things, or want to pick my brains about certain things. I am at your disposal, as long as i have disposable time. But i will always get back to you.

And lastly good luck.


Extremely helpful. Thanks alot mate!


No worries my dude. If you ever need any help or whatever, let me know and I shall do my best.