Go Comic Strips

Have some free time while waiting for for some stuff I purchased and decided to make some comic strips for fun. Hopefully they make somebody laugh.

(You will probably need to open some to read some as the text might not always be big enough to read.)


A couple days ago dwyrin talked about doing an April fools video that he didn’t get to do where he wanted to do a lesson on counting and then pulling out a measuring tape. Sadly he didn’t get to make the video so I thought I would art it out.

(Sorry my skills are not that great).


Sorry, I have more plans with this but I got severely sick since yesterday and I am only feeling ever so little better today. I had originally planned to finish setting up the stream and I had a couple more comic ideas that I wanted to put out. I will still be doing all of that but might be a gap before I do. If I feel better tomorrow or maybe even much later today I will see what I can do.

Edit: Still sick and not feeling ready to sit at my desktop yet. As excited as I am to start streaming and working on more comic strips it will have to wait another day. On the bright side I am not feeling as under the weather as I was. So hopefully by tomorrow morning I can at least sit up.

Sorry it took me so long being sick has been making me very sluggish and not great. This one I have been working on over the course of two or so days in between of falling asleep and sitting at my desk in pain. I don’t feel well enough to stream yet but it is all set up and ready to go when I am feeling well enough. A lot of my sickness is knocking out my voice box and making talking hurt.

Todays comic strip is if escapers were real enjoy.
(You may have to click and open it and zoom in on parts :frowning: sorry hard to concentrate and make everything the right size when you feel like shit. I may try to fix it later so its more readable after my brain doesn’t feel like its melting.)


Figuring out how much time I actually have each day and making a decision on what I am capable of working on. I want to write a comic with an actual story behind it. Obviously better then what is shown here. These are mock ups that took as low as 10 minutes up to 2 hours.

I would spend a lot more time on it. If I can figure out my schedule and have enough time I may do it. The story itself is already created a go novel I wrote over 10 years ago and saved it. Turning it into a comic sounds like it could be cool depending on how good my skills actually show up with several hours of effort.