Go e-books restrictions

Someone can tell me if in other countries you have the same restriction I faced when I tried to buy a Japanese Go book in kindle format from Amazon.co.jp?

In fact, I can buy the paperback version of the Go book that I want to purchase from Italy, but when I try to buy the kindle version of the same book, the site tell me that I cannot purchase the electronic version because there are restrictions for my country.

In order to obtain the electronic version - as suggested by Amazon Japan in their website - I should change my living address to a Japan location into my master data, transferring the old account to amazon.co.jp losing all the apps, movies, whish-lists, music, prime subscription I had on my old account. This doesn’t happen for the other amazon websites since I was used to purchasing using the same account in US, UK and France.

The funny thing is that I can buy (as I actually have done) the paper version of the same book.

Is this happening also if you try buying from other countries?

i think its a japanese thing. they have restrictions on ebook not allowing them to be sold outside of japan. nothing personal against you.

and you won’t “lose” all your stuff in your kindle when you switch to another account. they will disappear in your new account but if you login using your old account they will come back.

Thanks @andysif, this is actually what I’m trying now.

Instead to “move” my old account from Italy to Japan I’m going to create a brand-new one only for this purpose. At the end of the day, I want to read such e-book on the PC, so no problem at all with my specific devices.

However, maybe the answer can be found in this warning message I receies on their web site:

Change your preferred shopping site to Amazon.co.jp to shop for content on the Amazon.co.jp Kindle store.

Probably this restriction exists also for other countries.