Go Group on new Social Network “Okuna” (formerly “Openbook)


Due to FB (predictably) not being happy with the name “Openbook”, they changed it to “Okuna”, now to be found here:

Changed the name also in the text below, hope I found all occurrences.

Okuna is a new social network, today they started the alpha test.

This is a closed test, supporters only (you still have a few days to support if you want: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1520156881/openbook-privacy-friendly-fun-and-honest-social-ne
CORRECTION: https://indiegogo.com/projects/openbook-it-s-time-for-a-better-social-network/.

For now, it’s also exclusively for iOS and Android, the Web app will follow in a few weeks hopefully.

Anyway, I created a #Go #Baduk #Weiqi group there, to be found at /c/baduk (or just search for “baduk” there).

The profile picture:

The banner picture:

These photos were shot hastily, so not good quality, but I needed them for the group.

Hope to see y’all there soon :slight_smile:

See also https://www.okuna.io/

Oh, forgot to say: you can find me there as @bonobo, who’da thunkit, eh? :wink:


@trohde, I use the same avatar everywhere: forums, social networks, apps, you name it. But if you tell me you’re the guy donning the gorilla costume in the team’s photo…

…I’ll have to consider myself an amateur and ask to become your student.


LOL, no :joy:

Gorillas are very kind and respectable beings also, but IF I’d have been there and IF I’d wear a simian costume it would definitely be a Bonobo … it was some time in 1990 or ’91 when I chose them as my “heraldic beast”, so to speak :slight_smile: and I also use this same avatar image almost everywhere.

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I’m sorry, I got confused b/c I supported them on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo …

I think this is Openbook’s current crowdfunding:

Seems like they increased the perk prices by tenfold? It seemed so cheap on kickstarter. I was planning on backing the project until I saw the new prices on indigogo…

The cheapest I can see now on Indiegogo is 20 € — and IIRC the lowest early access perk on Kickstarter was for 14 € (IIRC that’s what I paid, cheapskate that I am :wink: — that’s four Starbuck coffees or something. Okay by me, especially since the beta test begins some time in April, and you won’t have to pay anything to participate in that :wink:


A lot of water has flown down the Luhe meanwhile (that’s a small river flowing through the village where I live :wink: )

As was to be expected, Openbook had to change its name … now it is Okuna, and it is still growing, and meanwhile it’s in Beta test (before was Alpha). Many new features are being added with every new version, and bugs are being removed.

There’s still no Web app … only the Beta builds for Android and iOS, but there exist unofficial desktop builds for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

I have 14 invitations to give out, and I will get more if needed, so … if you want to give it a try please send me a PM here or elsewhere with the email address you want to use for it, after that you’ll have to open the mail you get from Okuna on your mobile device, thereafter you can also login via the desktop app.

My initial enthusiasm has cooled down somewhat, and I’m posting there quite irregularly and infrequently, but that’s mostly due to the lack of a Web app; when there will be a Web app, this might change.

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I think most people are desperate for something to dethrone Facebook… But so far all attempts have been somewhat lacklustre…

How does this app feel as an actual Facebook replacement? For me WT feels like an alternative to reddit and mastodon an alternative to twitter… Is this actually a Facebook alternative or just a new general social network?

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@BHydden, want an invitation? :rofl:

Well, what shall I say … it has skins, it feels clumsy in many places to me who has travelled the ’net since 1991 or so (shortly before the emergence of the WWW), IMNVHO too many taps and swipes, it is NOT ugly, the developers are quite responsive, IT IS BEING MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS (which alone gives it a HUGE bonus from my perspective), it is OpenSource, etc., etc.

Alternative for Facebook? Definitely not—yet (?). The ? meaning that I’m not sure whether it can grow (scale?) that much. Would need a lot more devs I think, and that would probably also mean a real good team management, etc., etc. Imagine how many people work for FB … The money Okuna currently makes from donations/patreon etc. are probably hardly enough to feed the dev team. I don’t know, man … want an invite? :smiley:

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Love those photos in the original post :heart_eyes:

Edit: I’d like an invite as well if you have multiple to give out

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To anybody who wants an invitiation to Okuna:

  1. Send me a PM with the email address you want to use for it.

  2. You need to open this mail on your mobile iOS or Android device and follow instructions, as the apps are still in Beta stadium.

  3. If you have time to burn, join their Slack channel to talk to the devs https://okuna.slack.com/
    Slack channel is nice b/c you can talk more directly to devs, mostly @joel and @shantanu , but also Sophie Tauchert who creates the desktop wrappers (see 4.)
    Otherwise, you can also follow them on Okuna.

  4. Desktop builds for macOS, Windows, and Linux exist, but they are unofficial and partly buggy (but still good enough for now) https://gitlab.com/999eagle/okuna-desktop/-/releases

  5. … and if you’re in, find me as “@bonobo”, and the Go group is /c/baduk.
    Other relevant groups: /c/okuna, /c/beta, /c/okunahelpers

  6. Just to be sure that you’re aware of this: There still is NO WEB APP!

  7. Two things: Circles and Lists. Circles are for mutual connections, Lists are for selective reading.

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