Go individuates sound evolutionary strategies

Since go is a perfect and EASY model of adaptive evolution, it allows us to individuate the correct survival’s strategies of all living beings, otherwise difficult to sort out by evolutionary researches. You find the corresponding paper for free in www.dariocolombera or write to bobombera@gmail.com

While I enjoy reading about new approaches to Go in general, this very much feels like Spam. Also you forgot the .com at the end of your link.

I can also see that you have played zero games on OGS. While we take your advertisement, why not try out our awesome website in return?


For those interested, add “.it” to see it, not “.com”.

To be honest, I find these things quite interesting, but I also wonder why @bobombera doesn’t engage in playing Go here, and also in other discussions.

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Dear Francisa, I do not play, because my hands are trembling and moreover at present I feel very distressed.
Yours truly, Prof. Dario Colombera


My email is bobombera@gmail.c0m

Some of my paper are found at www.dariocolombera.it

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I see. Best of luck with your studies :smiley:

I can’t use my hands for pretty much anything.

Don’t play live games.

If you do, try 2 things:

  1. In the settings, make sure you have to click the submit button to submit a move.

  2. Give yourself enough time in the settings so that time will not be an issue for your hands. This means that you will always be the challenger in friendly matches unless you happen to see somebody else with acceptable settings.