Go Magic: A Modern Way to Study Go

Hi guys!
I’m the co-founder of Go Magic, and in this topic I’ll post some major platform updates and news.

What is Go Magic?

Go Magic is a new online platform for learning Go.
Our main goal is to make it fun and efficient using modern technologies.

At the moment, the main content of Go Magic are interactive courses and the skill tree. We’re planning to make a self-sufficient platform with literally everything necessary for studying Go.

Key Features
:boom: Interactive courses
:bow_and_arrow: Skill Tree
:video_game: Game-based learning
:books: Tools and Materials

We Strive to
:rocket: Stay up-to-date
:sunglasses: Release quality content only
:heart: Make Go more popular

Why Do You Have to Pay for the Content?

In our opinion, the commercial way of project development is the most promising one. It provides a good motivation, allows us to make the best quality content and allows us to put our students’ interests first.

Please don’t think that we get a lot of money from this project. That would be completely wrong. We invested tremendous efforts and resources in the project to make it possible, and right now our immediate goal is sustainability. At this point we have managed to get back only about 20% of the money invested. That is why we really need your support, even if it means telling your friends about us. :kissing_heart:

You can learn more about our plans and how to help the project on this page.

What is Free?

  • One or more lessons in each course are always free.
  • The course on the rules of Go.
  • “The Fundamentals of Go on 13x13” course (free with the promocode from our Discord)
  • “Typical Mistakes” course
  • The Skill Tree (75 problems every 12 hours are free).
  • All materials

We will expand this list over time. Approximately 20% of the content on our platform will always be free.

For Beginners

We have created a Beginner’s Guide with a roadmap and general tips. There you will also find our Go Fundamentals Trilogy.

Go Magic Website

:point_right: https://gomagic.org

Join the Go Magic Community!
:space_invader: Discord
:tv: YouTube / Twitch
:speaking_head: Facebook / VK
:camera_flash: Instagram
:dove: Twitter

Every like and comment promotes our project :heart:


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Skill Tree Update!

  • 3-3 Joseki
  • Connect & Cut
  • Find All Yose

:point_right: https://gomagic.org/skills/

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The Go Magic team would like to speak in support of Ukraine in this difficult moment. We are against war or any kind of aggression. Peace and love to everyone! :heart:


Today we are launching an automatic tournament on OGS: “Play Go, not War”.
:point_right: https://online-go.com/tournament/86486

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My friends! It’s a difficult time for all of us. We are feeling down and helpless because we can’t influence the current situation in any way.

Our project also finds itself in a tough situation: on the one hand it seems inappropriate to publish entertaining content now, and on the other hand a lot of people from all around the world have supported us and they are waiting for new courses and materials.

We keep on working resolutely. There are two courses being filmed and edited at the same time now:
“Typical Mistakes 2.0” from Vadim Efimenko
“Basics of Mokuhazushi” from Matthew McKee

We are also working on the joseki database, Go problems. And soon we will publish a new article.

Play Go, not War


The story of the greatest Go master of the 20th century in this new article “Go Seigen — 100 Years of Legend”:
:point_right: Go Seigen — 100 Years of Legend

This is the first article by Jérémie Blikman from France. Jérémie also has a YouTube channel where he occasionally publishes videos on Go history:
:point_right: Kolybi Go - YouTube

Play Go, not War


As you know, the Go Magic team moved to live and work in Georgia last year. As of today the project itself is also legally located on the Black Sea coast!

The war has had an impact on everyone and our project is no exception. Unfortunately, we have to postpone the release again, to April-May 2022. In any case it seems inappropriate to let off fireworks and celebrate the platform launch while military activities are being conducted in the neighboring country.

What to expect in the near future?

We are about to release the first lessons in the course on typical mistakes. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Just a bit more and Vadim will probably start making full-blown musicals, not just Go lessons!

We’ve recorded the dubbing of Alexander Dinerstein’s course on attachments. We just need to edit them together and upload them on the website.

In the meantime, Matthew Mckee is about to finish filming his course on the basics of mokuhazushi. You can see the course contents here:

And a bit of technical news at the end: Go Magic courses and memberships can now be paid for with cryptocurrency!

Play Go, not War


We are working around the clock (and around the stones too!) on a new course about common mistakes in Go, and the first lessons are already available!

:point_right: https://gomagic.org/courses/typical-mistakes-2

All of the first section lessons are scheduled for release on March 31. The entire course will be released in April🕐

Set sail to new knowledge!

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The entire first section of our new course “Typical Mistakes 2.0” is already available!

:point_right: https://gomagic.org/courses/typical-mistakes-2

Naughty Nutcracker, maestro Tchaikovsky and lots of new useful tips on improving your play.

PS: We’ve decided to give Nutcracker some time to come up with more tricky questions for the second section. We are switching to the course on the basics of 5-3 for the time being. Stay tuned for more updates on it soon.

Alexander Dinerstein’s “Art of Attachments” course is finally available with English dubbing and voiceover! You can now enjoy the course without reading subtitles.

:point_right: https://gomagic.org/courses/the-art-of-attachments/

As always you’ll find an audio track switch under the video:

  1. Original version with subtitles
  2. Dubbed version
  3. Voiceover

A terrible catastrophe is unfolding in front of our eyes in Ukraine and we can’t stay out of it and keep silent:

  1. Half of all Go Magic proceeds from April 9 until May 9, 2022 will be committed to humanitarian relief for Ukraine. That means that from every $100 you spend on Go Magic during this period, $50 will be sent to Ukrainians affected by the war.

  2. We have been providing full and unlimited access to our platform for all Ukrainians since the war began. If you are from Ukraine, please send a message to Anton on facebook.

Besides, Go Magic has been finally relocated to Georgia, legally as well. It means that not a single cent off of our taxes will be used to support the war.

Play Go, not War :blue_heart::yellow_heart:



If you want to directly help Ukraine and Ukrainian Go players, then you will find the necessary information here:
:point_right:Support Ukraine | Українська Федерація Го (УФГО)


Where can this code be located on your Discord?

I found it.

      1. Join their Discord
      2. Look in the ------- :heart: START HERE :heart: ------- section
      3. Then the #server-ranking channel text

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Ten years ago Marc Moskowitz wrote a book and made a documentary about the game of Go in modern China. Our new author Jae Matson did an interview with Moskowitz and he’s ready to tell you about the most compelling parts of it all in his debut article.



“The Fundamentals of Go on 13x13” course has become completely free, without any conditions or activation codes. To take this course you just need to sign up on the website. :raised_hands:



The first course from Matthew McKee on the basics of 5-3!


In Japan this point is referred to as “mokuhazushi”. All this time we’ve been telling you not to start risky experiments in the opening and not to play such questionable moves. This course is here to change your mind. The first section is available now and the second part will be released in May.

By the way, Matthew is a new member of the Go Magic crew. You can read more about him on our team page: https://gomagic.org/about/#matthew

Have you saved up a handful of golden Go Magic coins :moneybag:? If yes, then we’ve got some good news for you!

The long-awaited magical store! :rainbow:

Don’t spend it all in one place as the stock of available bonuses might grow over time!

P.S. Now, when you reach a new account level, you get 10 coins. We have added a reward for the current level to all users.

Attention❗ The official platform release is really close!

There are some small details to polish and release the whole “Typical Mistakes 2.0” course. Estimated release date: May 15.

After the release both the courses and the memberships will undergo another scheduled price increase. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

For your convenience we’ve decided to keep the Magic memberships that allow full access to the website. We do remember our promise that this tier would be unique, so everyone who purchased a Magic membership before the official release will get a number of bonuses:

  1. Membership renewal for the price of a Gold membership, which is 2x cheaper compared to new Magic members.

  2. Full access to the Skill Tree and other tools will stay with them even after their membership expires.

  3. On the day of platform release we will grant all Magic memberships a free 10-month extension. :star:

If you have any questions, leave comments below and stay tuned for more updates!

GOMAGIC.ORG :palm_tree:

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