Go websites to learn from

I want to have Go Magic but I am still a kid, what can I do? Any other websites to learn Go from? (not from OGS pls)

Did you check that list?


I said not from OGS

I did but when I signed up, it says that the email has already been taken but I signed up first.

Sorry i don’t really understand.

The list of other resources is quite long, but if this is not enough you can check lists made by go federations on their website (like AGA or BGA). sensei library has a good quantity of information too.
All these are linked in the OGS list.

Can you explain it better? I can help maybe. You signed up for what?

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I signed up for Go Magic but because of my internet connection, I thought I didn’t sign up and I clicked it again. Then it showed that the email address is already taken. I did not remember the password as I just hit the keyboard crazily. What can I do?

Write to go magic and ask them. If you can’t reach them with their website, send a,personal message to one who write here in the forum.

On log in sites there is usually a “forgot password?” option.


This one is pretty good, however it is mainly aimed towards novices, so I’m not sure if it might be too basic for your current level.

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Best single place to go, IMHO, is Sensei’s Library, https://senseis.xmp.net/. It has 22,000+ pages of information.

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It’s a good place, sure, the best? It depends of what are your expectations too. At low level you can lose yourself there.


I’m 13k in OGS

Then it’s a bit too easy.
You are in China and so maybe you can go to your library or bookstore, there are a lot of books published in China and very affordable. I would have a look there. There are some weiqi groups on WeChat or QQ. and videos dvd in chinese. Some chance a weiqi school nearby too (ask a teacher at your school).
I encourage you to play other children (and adults maybe) with board and stones, real life weiqi is fun!

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Ok, thanks!