Go Magic: A Modern Way to Study Go

Go Magic official platform release! :tada::tada::tada:

For this historical moment we are releasing the entire course on typical mistakes 2.0. This is the best thing we’ve made yet!


We’ve also revamped the main page and grown a couple of new skills on the Skill Tree.


Thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the launch and supporting us. We wouldn’t be able to make it without you! :heart:

Go Magic will keep on working and growing. There are more new courses, features and adventures lying ahead!

Play Go, not War


A new Go Magic YouTube channel for English-speaking viewers:

We’ll be publishing only the best of our videos here, all of them in English.

We are also planning to make original content just for YouTube. Subscribe now so you don’t miss anything!

The first video on this new channel is the interview with Alexander Dinerstein that is now dubbed in English:

Have fun watching it!

P.S. Our old channel is now called “GM Library” and we’ll be using it as a storage of lessons, streams and other videos.


Here comes the second interview with Alexander Dinerstein dubbed in English! Nerdy questions for nerdy Go players. :wink:


GOLD membership to all teachers and club leaders for free! :raised_hands:

Yeah, you heard it right. If you’re in charge of a Go club as a teacher, we’ll give you a GOLD membership that you can use at your Go club (Go school) or possibly for your personal improvement.

What do you need to do?

Email us at contact@gomagic.org and please tell us the following information:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Tell us a little about yourself: how long have you been playing Go and what is your level?
  3. What Go club or school do you teach at (name of club, country, city)?
  4. How do you plan to use the Go Magic membership?
  5. Make a separate Go Magic account for your club (school) in advance and tell us what email it is registered to.

We ask for nothing in return. :heart:



A debut article from Pavel Gvozdev (aka GrandpaFrog) :frog:

Pavel shared his favorite apps for solving Go problems as well as some inspiring advice on doing it efficiently from seasoned Go masters.


What courses should we create? What new features to introduce? What should we do first? :thinking:


Take this simple survey and help us choose the right development strategy. The survey will take you 5-6 minutes to complete.

As a thank you, everyone who completes the survey will get a $10 discount on our memberships and courses. :raised_hands:

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The entire course on the basics of 5-3 is now available!

AI suggestions, unusual fuseki ideas and a trip to Edo period Japan await you!


The magic is coming again! :sparkles: We are posting the first video from the Magic of Go series that was filmed all the way back in 2019. This time it’s on our new English YouTube channel.

And this is your chance to win a Gold membership! :fire: More on that in the video description on YouTube.


New article! This time Jae will give you an American’s impression of Hikaru No Go!

This article might well be a good reason to watch all of the episodes of this wonderful anime yet another time and get another serving of Go motivation. :wink:

A selection of the best moments from the interview with Artem Kachanovski 2p :ukraine: that was recorded on February 6, 2022.

We realize that watching complete live stream records is too much, so we try to squeeze them into bite-sized pieces for your convenience.

Subscribe to our new English YouTube channel so that you don’t miss anything interesting. :heart:

Hanezeki is one of the rarest and most incredible situations in Go. My favorite episode!

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Here are some of our future plans! :rocket:

More than 200 people have taken the recent survey. There were lots of kind words and reasonable suggestions there! Thank you so much! :heart:

We’ve made some adjustments in our plans that you can find on our new roadmap page:
:point_right:Roadmap – Go Magic

Many of you wrote that the platform is great but there aren’t enough courses and problems. True that! :slight_smile: However you must know that we are a very small team and we don’t have any sponsors, so the speed of new content creation can’t be too high. However, we do everything we can to make it faster. For example we’ve decided to reduce the number of visual effects in our future courses which should have a nice effect on the speed of filming and editing.

There were mixed opinions about the remake of our beginner courses, so we decided to go for a compromise. We are not going to reshoot them all right away. We’ll do it gradually, alternating with other courses.

We already started working on the remake of the course with the rules — it will now turn into a complete introduction to the game, not just with the rules but with answers to all most commonly asked beginner questions. We hope to make the best introduction to Go ever! :innocent:

After that Vadim will create another course. What will it be about? You decide! Stay tuned for the next poll coming soon!


There are three new skill branches in the Skill Tree! Hurry up and solve them!


Go Magic summertime sales! :sun_with_face:

Enter the promo code SUMMERGO and get a 30% discount till July 15, 2022. Remember that you can extend your premium membership in advance while the code is valid. :raised_hands: