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One of our subscribers Gerard Slooven from Holland has translated his own article about the relation between Go and Buddhism into English. Here is the result!


Atari Go is not just a mini-game for kids

A game of capturing stones that starts with a crosscut might look too simple. However our team thinks that this training game can be very useful to a wide range of players up to 15 or even 10k!

Beginner Go players need to learn to spot an atari and play solidly — that’s what this mini-game is recommended for. Because it can quickly teach you some basic Go techniques. And besides it allows you to practice a crosscut. It is a very common shape in Go that even 10k players will often get wrong.

We made a short lesson on atari Go that will soon be part of the updated Go rules course:

We’ve got plans to make an atari-Go bot on our website but for now you can play this game in Hactar Go Lite app (android only).

Tell us about your experience: do you use Atari Go when you teach beginners?


Atari go pros

The goal is easier to understand.

Atari go cons

Capturing stones is not the goal of the go game so can lead to confusion.

Hey y’all, Stanislaw Frejlak 1p :zap: is coming to visit us and he’s bringing some courses for Go Magic with him. There are lots of cool topics in his suitcase, so you’ve got some tough choices to make here! :wink:

  1. Ko — Take control over the chaos! (Stanislaw’s favorite topic)
  2. Endgame — How to search for the biggest move and count move values precisely (this feels like a sequel to Vadim’s course)
  3. Extensions — Protect your stones by safely extending, nuances of many common shapes
  4. Moyo — How to build, invade, and defend
  5. Sente exchanges — Why they are bad for you, and what are the exceptions
  6. Peeps — Connect or fight back?
  7. Sacrifices — Ars Moriendi, or How to stick in opponents throat
  8. The sources of mistakes — Emotional traps and cognitive errors

Stanislaw himself would like to male a course about endgame or ko but the choice is yours. If there is a topic that you’d really want to become a course, go ahead and vote for it! :white_check_mark:

Alright, go ahead and vote for two topics to give us a better idea of your preferences.


P.S. Our Discord polls bot doesn’t want to function so this time the vote will happen through Google Form.

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New achievement unlocked: 5000 registered users! :tada::tada::tada: In order to celebrate we announce a week of massive discounts on courses and memberships!

Enter the promo code MAGIC5000 until October 24 and get a 40% discount :star_struck:

:globe_with_meridians: https://gomagic.org

P.S. If you already have a premium membership, you can use the discount to extend it. :wink:


The improved and expanded Go rules course! :tada:

Making Go more popular is one of the most important missions of our project. So we tried making this course modern, fun and clear enough, so that anyone could play and finish a game on their own after completing it. Did we get it right? Did we miss anything? :thinking: Please leave your comments and we’ll try to fix all the bugs quickly so that this course could be rightfully considered the best! :rocket:

We’ll publish an interactive page with Go rules in the nearest future as well, for those who prefer reading to watching videos. Plus we’ve made an atari Go bot, so you’ll be able to practice capturing stones on our website soon as well. :eyes:


We’ve released the final skills for the School of Wizards! :tada::palm_tree:

:point_right:Go Problems | Go Puzzles | Tsumego — Go Skills

Both this skill tree and the first one will keep growing with new problems and we are already beginning to work on the next “Magical Academy” tree (8–1 kyu). You can take a look at its structure on the website.

Some stats :eyes:
There are over 3000 problems on our platform already!
2270 problems in the Skill Tree and ~1000 problems in the courses.


“Typical Mistakes 2.0” is available for half the price until November 24! :zap:


We’ll be doing course sales from time to time now. Subscribe and stay tuned for updates if you don’t want to miss anything!


Stanislaw Frejlak has successfully reached Batumi! As you can see from the photo, sea air and khinkali make people happy! :palm_tree::sunglasses:

Work on the new course “Ko — take control over the chaos” (the winner of the last survey) is fully underway, but we also plan to shoot a short interview in the style of 15 questions to a Go professional. Please leave your questions in the comments, we will choose the best ones and ask them to Stanislaw. :clapper:

P.S. The previous video with 15 questions to Alexander Dinerstein: How to Become a Pro? — 15 Nerdy Questions to a Professional Go Player | Alexander Dinerstein [DUB] - YouTube


Two updates for beginners coming at once! :star_struck:

  1. We have launched the beta version of the atari-go bot! He’s not playing very well yet, but we’ll fix it over time.
    :point_right:Play Atari Go (Capture Go) Online with Bot

  2. You can now learn the rules of Go on our new interactive page.
    :point_right:How to Play Go — A Modern Tutorial to Learn Go Rules


Spanish subtitles are now available in the course on typical mistakes!

Thanks to our volunteer Sergio from Spain. :pray:

If you want to see this or any other course in your native language and are ready to help us with this — send a message to us in any convenient way. Right now we don’t have the opportunity to pay for this work, but we can provide an exclusive premium subscription. :heart:

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