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Two updates for beginners coming at once! :star_struck:

  1. We have launched the beta version of the atari-go bot! He’s not playing very well yet, but we’ll fix it over time.
    :point_right:Play Atari Go (Capture Go) Online with Bot

  2. You can now learn the rules of Go on our new interactive page.
    :point_right:How to Play Go — A Modern Tutorial to Learn Go Rules


Spanish subtitles are now available in the course on typical mistakes!

Thanks to our volunteer Sergio from Spain. :pray:

If you want to see this or any other course in your native language and are ready to help us with this — send a message to us in any convenient way. Right now we don’t have the opportunity to pay for this work, but we can provide an exclusive premium subscription. :heart:


A new article from our regular author Jae Matson!
:point_right:The Surrounding Game: Interview with Co-Director Will Lockhart

This time he interviewed one of the creators of “The Surrounding Game” and discovered a lot of wonderful details. If you haven’t even seen the movie yet, go read the interview quickly first!


Help us prioritize which courses to work on! We have so much content that we don’t know where to start :exploding_head:. Which course do you want to see next? Vote for your top choice:

  1. Basic Invasions (Vadim Efimenko)

  2. The remake of “The Fundamentals of Go on 13×13” (Vadim Efimenko)

  3. Ko — Take Control Over the Chaos (Stanislaw Frejlak)

  4. Endgame for Nerds (Stanislaw Frejlak)

  5. Kajiwara Takeo: The Giant Who Made Titans (Matthew McKee)

We’ve already started working on Basic Invasions, but it’s a massive course that will be released in parts. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and vote using Google Form: :point_right:https://forms.gle/5Lzj87ognjfodzyD9


:fire: For the first time, we are excited to release the lesson “Invading a Moyo and Making Sabaki” by Alexander Dinerstein for free! :raised_hands:

:face_with_monocle: This is a complex topic, and this lesson includes examples at the highest level. Soon, we will also be releasing a course on basic invasions from Vadim Efimenko. Stay tuned!

P.S. This is a shortened version of the lesson from "The Art of Attachments” course. The full version with puzzles is available on our website https://gomagic.org. :jigsaw:


Would you like to learn how to invade bravely into your opponent’s areas? :person_fencing::boom: Our new course “Fearless Invasions” will help you with that.


The first four lessons are ready so far. The course is huge and will be released in several parts. :books::soon:


:star: Attention all Go magicians! The Go Magic league is officially launching!

Our league is designed to help you play more games, communicate with fellow Go enthusiasts, and even get some reviews on Discord. Plus, there will be some Go Magic prizes up for grabs! :trophy:

The League will be held on the new Leago tournament platform. Register and read more details here:

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and discover the magic of Go! :woman_mage::man_mage:

PS: Guys, this is our first league season, so everything will be experimental: games, reviews and even the Leago platform itself. Your feedback is highly appreciated. And yes, the league is free. :wink:


We’re hard working on the Fearless Invasions course and will be releasing new lessons soon! :zap: In the meantime, watch our lesson on san-san invasions on YouTube, which is now available for free for the first time! :eyes:

:point_right: Basic San-San Invasions — Star Point Joseki | Vadim Efimenko 4d - YouTube


Did you miss us? We are back with some new Go Magic updates! :rocket:

:one: Three more lessons from “Fearless Invasions” have been released — more standard side invasion mischief!

:two: There are finally sounds on our interactive board! That may be hard to believe, but we used a real kaya goban and slate/shell stones to record those :studio_microphone: (AT2020 mic). All notification jingles are played on marimba :notes:. Magical, isn’t it?

:three: Mistap protection for mobile devices has been added. You can select your desired protection level in the board menu.

:four: Many more minor changes and improvements that beg to be discovered :heart_eyes:


In this new article our intrepid author Jae Matson is ready to share his impressions of the US Go congress 2022. That was his first Go congress experience. :memo:

:point_right:Get Out and Play Go!

That was last year though. How about this year?

European Go congress in Leipzig is coming up, July 22 – August 5
European Go Congress 2023 – July 22nd to August 5th 2023 – Markkleeberg / Leipzig, Germany :earth_africa::soon:

If you are in the US, this year’s Go congress will be in Ohio, July 8–16
Go Congress - Home - American Go Association :earth_americas::soon:

Go Magic is sponsoring both of these events, so it’s time to get packing for some prizes and unforgettable experiences! :gift::sparkles:

You don’t know what a Go congress is?
It’s a week-long festival for everyone who can’t get enough of this magical game. But wait, there’s more than just tournaments — you’re in for a ton of side events, games and even tours. More details in the article. :point_up:


2 weeks

Double feature news for Telegram users and one update for everyone! :raised_hands:

If you’re on Telegram and you’d like to stay up to date with Go Magic news

:point_right:Telegram: Contact @gomagic_official

If you want to know where in the world Vadim is now with his wanderlust

:point_right:Telegram: Contact @statusquovadis

Get a glimpse into his language thoughts, movie reviews, and culture shock adventures. Expect tons of pics and quirky musings.

Join both channels and stay in touch :kissing_heart:

In the meantime, 10 lessons from the Invasions course are ready to watch. The entire course will be released very soon! :zap:

:point_right:Fearless Invasions — Course by Vadim Efimenko 4d

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Late invasions into your territory? :facepunch: It’s time to learn how to punish them correctly. They shall not pass! :fire:

New video on our YouTube channel:


Do you remember all those fantastic feats in “Hikaru no Go”? Making several draws at the same time, cheating when counting territory… Was it all true or not? :face_with_monocle:

:memo: Our new author Travis Roe-Raymond set out to find the answers and interviewed two strong players at once. :muscle:

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Go Magic League Season 1 Results :crystal_ball:

A big thanks goes to all 204 participants of our first experimental Go Magic league tournament! We want this tournament to feel nice and cozy, so we decided to wait for the necessary improvements in the Leago platform. The next league season is expected to start on July 1. :dizzy:

Live Stream Reviews :tv:

Eunkyo Do 1p — May 27, 1 pm GMT on Twitch

Vadim Efimenko 4d — May 27, 4 pm GMT on Discord

Even if it’s not your games being reviewed, come and join us, it’ll be fun!

League Champion — Vadim Efimenko :sweat_smile:

Winners Page

Every winner will receive a Go Magic $50 gift certificate. All of those who played at least one game will get a $10 certificate. :gift:

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:tada: We’ve added three new branches to the Skill Tree, featuring new problems for group status determination. :jigsaw: Let us know what you think! :speech_balloon:

:point_right:Go Problems | Go Puzzles | Tsumego — Go Skills


:zap: Introducing Ghost Mode for Problem Solving!

Brace yourself for a challenge like no other. In this mode, the stones will appear for a brief moment and then vanish. :dash::sparkles:

:point_right:Go Problems | Go Puzzles | Tsumego — Upgrade Your Go Skills

:eyes: Why? To enhance your visualization skills! With disappearing stones, you’ll train your mind to strategize and see the whole solution in your head.

Concept by Olaf Voß. :bulb:

More details:

  • Ghost Mode is applicable to standard skills such as Life and Death, Tesuji, and Semeai. Once active, these skills will be accentuated in red.

  • Progress made in Ghost Mode is saved independently.

  • Premium users enjoy the liberty to select and leap to any skill level.

We’re on the path to formulating new skills designed specifically for reading training, encapsulating various problem types.

:rocket: Activate Ghost Mode now and level up your Go game!

P.S. Another update. An advanced one-color mode is now live for the Atari-Go bot


Chinese rules finally explained! :sparkles:

New video on our YouTube channel:


We’re launching an updated version of our popular course “The Fundamentals of Go on 13×13”! :tada: Dive in with the first lesson, centered on the key opening principle :point_down:


:art::red_circle::black_circle: New Video Alert! Dive into the art of strategy with our latest YouTube video “Three Stages of the Game” from the Go Basics series. Perfect for beginner players! :hatching_chick:

Watch now: