Go memes!


That is of course the original definition of a meme. However, the internet, and facebook in particular, has put it’s own twist on it, and these days “on the internet” a meme is typically a single picture with a caption that changes the original meaning of the picture into a relatable experience or exclamation.

As with all words with multiple meanings, which one applies is mostly context.

By the original definition of the meaning, Calvin and Hobbes comics are far more of a meme than anything posted here. However, if you asked someone looking at a computer why they are giggling, and they said “Oh, look at this funny meme”, you would not expect to go over and be looking at a comic strip.




The late Italo Calvino wrote a fascinating novel about the use of Tarot cards as, essentially, memes. The Castle of Crossed Destinies tells of a group of stranded travelers, magically struck mute in a mysterious castle, who use Tarot cards to tell their individual stories. In an afterword, Calvino says he had considered writing another story on this idea, but employing comic strips.


It was Richard Dawkins who invented the original word in his book The Selfish Gene. They are the cultural analogies of our biological genes and thanks to the internet, spread like a virus… Here he eloquently evacuates on the subject:


Yep, that’s the original definition I referred to. It’s probably Dawkin’s most scientific legacy. I suspect he’ll be remembered for that long after his views on religion are forgotten. It’s so elegant and manifestly true.

Unless I’m mistaken, the idea first reached popular awareness through his book “The Selfish Gene”.

It’s interesting how the “internet” definition evolved from that - and this process itself is a meme!

That process being:

An observation: “these funny captioned picture we share on the internet that make each other laugh are a type of meme”

-> “meme” means “these funny captioned pictures we share on the internet to make each other laugh”

(not originally the case, but effectively the case, in that context)




The classic teasuji.

Unless this counts as a non-meme…

Go memes index

Sure that AG is so far ahead of Fine Art?

Also, AFAIK wolves do it differently … the slower/older ones would be further ahead, making the pace for all, and the leader of the pack behind so that he can watch the whole pack.


niiiice ^^ :slight_smile:

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For the SpongeBob fans.


Just let him have it… it’s only 8 points so you’d still have B + 10 (minus komi)


I believe the confusion lies in understanding the definition of a meme. Their is the popular easily identifiable format of a mame. (Image + caption) but this is not the definition of a meme. A meme is like a social life form which is composed of information. It could be of audio format. Like, for example the quote from “Cool Hand Luke”. “What we have here. Is a failure to communicate”. This is a meme as well. But, I am with you a comic strip is not a meme. A meme is brief and well recognized. You aren’t going the revisit a popular meme with your friend by saying “Your remember that four frame comic strip about go?” But if at an opportune moment you said something silly like “Luke, I’m your father” that would be a meme.

Thank you for your patience during my rant.


Actually, “technical memes” (IE memes according to Dawkin’s definition) do not have to be brief. But a successful meme will be well recognised by the culture it is relevant to.

So for example, a native dance is a very complex thing, but it is a meme, because it is “passed by imitation or other non-genetic means”.

So are the works of Shakespere - these are highly successful memes that have survived generations of humans.

On the other hand, internet memes are typically brief and well recognised, both. And don’t tend to last long either.



The topic of this thread is Go memes, not a discussion on what constitutes a meme vs a comic strip. Let’s stay on topic folks.


(Alphago meme: hit the 3! Thats a go meme!)


Needs a sentence in the picture though :sweat_smile:

Something like :
Me doing this : "typical DDK mistake…"
AlphaGo doing this : “oh indeed it’s a brilliant move !”


i wanted to say it earlier then i rembered the old go proverb :sweat_smile: “Dont touch a weak stone”

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Good shizzle! But actually that’s AlphaGo Master.


!!Indeed, my bad… oh well… :slight_smile: