Go memes!


Took this amazing screenshot of Michael Redmond, but maybe someone can come up with better text. Original image:








Heatmap of programmer

Heatmap of normal player

Heatmap of Go player


Dang, if it weren’t so embarrassing, I’d post a photo of my keyboard and let you guess my profession :sunglasses:


Rule of Acquisition #9


So what would a Klingon style of go be like? They would love to fight, play aggressively, and invade, and perhaps have a tendency to overplay. They would be decisive and tenacious. They would play to the bitter end, viewing resignation as a dishonorable act of surrender. And I think they would tend to play for influence, making big moyos in the “Cosmic” style, regarding that as a more bold way to play.


I’d say you’re spot on. Though Klingons generally favor contests of strength and physical prowess, so any Klingons who decided to play Go might not represent their species on the whole.
Bold, but not thoughtless. Intense and fearless. Decisive but not reckless. Honorable. Always playing for big wins, hungry for glory in battle. Balance is for Vulcans.


I sometimes make “inspirational pictures” of nonsense friends say. I think it fits this topic best

Hat tip to @S_Alexander :wink:


How to treat insomnia?It is already 1:00 AM…




What is that?





Go proverb: Looking PRETTY means EFFICIENT.


which one you point?


Where are those images from?


amine:" birdsongs in hollow valley",“qin’s moon V”,
sai from “Hikaru”, yuuki from the last five eps of" sword art online III"(yuuki is my favorite character :kissing_heart: though it’s a tragedy.:weary:)


Not really memes, though, or? Or am I mistaken?