Go memes!


How many of you watched “Misaeng”? XD misaeng%20jimjilbang_when%20can%20I%20tenuki






(Since now memes about memes are now OGS memes and thus go memes)





Thanx @gaxxlol :slight_smile:

@GreenAsJade: so that’s the reason to always play all the endgame! :wink:

“He couldn’t take away those liberties” lol :smiley:


Quote attributed to one icy Go player from Hoth :smiley:


Ol’ Patrick Henry said it well


That’s the theme of this year’s US Go Congress.


I already did that a year ago in this thread: You know you are a Go addict when …
Interestingly, it garnered the most likes of any post I’ve done.


Credit where credit is due. :grin:
I liked your post so much I plagiarized it.





I got ranked up without winning a single game against a higher-ranked player. Don’t know if @mlopezviedma or @anoek is looking into this, but winning streaks against much lower-ranked players seem to have too much increasing effect on our rank. Yeah yeah I know this is not the right thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe here:


You’re wrong. It’s Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V more than Ctrl+S.