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Well, I wouldn’t call myself by so grand a name, but sure I like to read about Ancient Greece and Rome. I had a copy of The Gallic Wars that I picked up quite cheaply but then lost again, and a good ancient biography of Alexander the Great by Quintus Curtius Rufus.Later I started reading a book called The Age of Caesar: Five Roman Lives, which is a collection of five of the biographies from Plutarch’s Parallel Lives collection (the biographies are Caesar, Cicero, Mark Antony, Brutus, and Crassus.)

I also started reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, and it was as I was learning about the teachers of the Academy of Plato that I found Xenocrates. Though none of his many books survive, I find what little we can glean of his views on metaphysics to be quite interesting. Until a week or so ago I wasn’t familiar with Diogenes Laertius, and out his Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers I’ve only read that little section on Xenocrates.


Ah, we are much alike then. Not professional classicists, but enthusiasts. I don’t know Rufus at all, but I also haven’t yet read Arrian’s biography of Alexander, though I have it in the great Landmark edition. Aurelius is worth reading, but I was a little disappointed in it, I think because my expectations were raised over many years. On the other hand, Plutarch’s Lives is my all-time favorite book. Happy reading.

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this is a fun one^^ to make up ^^
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A bit of context for non-trekkies: The Borg queen would assimilate human experiences in her quest for perfection. With that knowledge she would attempt to dominate humankind.


“erratically places stones in the early game, modern algorithms cannot predict his next move” loooooooool



But LZ doesn’t use any human games?
Now if you had have said Picard was ELF…




Nope - only the training games (which are generated by LZ vs LZ, or sometimes ELF games) get ‘assimilated’.


It still works for pangafu’s LZ / human hybrid weights. :slight_smile: See https://github.com/pangafu/LeelaMasterWeight


The original would have been great for AlphaGo, wouldn’t it? I mean, before Zero. And less obscure than pretending Picard is ELF.


Forgive the OT:

I’ll never understand how they can exist.


Took me a while to make it small enough.



“dreams of electric sheep” killed me :dizzy_face:




If you leave the 4 corners empty, they make 2 eyes and you have a living group on the sides!

That is the handicap our dan player once gave to the 20k player :rofl: