Go memes!


I love this thread…

LMAO, I do this with my own games! :smiley:



I do not like how many similarities I have to “The Chad” lol

At least my grooming is better.







Oh my gaaaaawd, yes.






What about stronger players making apparently bad moves? :slight_smile:






Can someone review this game for me

Is that a real episode? I’d love to see it!


Ha, me too.


Xenocrates was in all besides dignified and grave of demeanour … the notorious Phryne [a famous courtesan] tried to make his acquaintance and, as if she were being chased by some people, took refuge under his roof; that he admitted her out of ordinary humanity and, there being but one small couch in the room, permitted her to share it with him, and at last, after many importunities, she retired without success, telling those who inquired that he whom she quitted was not a man but a statue.

Poor guy just wanted to study and get stronger for the McMahon tournament in Athens.


This sounded familiar, so I checked my “go to” source, Diogenes Laertius, and sure enough, there it is. The reference for anyone that’s interested is Book 4 Chapter 2.

Are you a classicist? I love the classics. Starting in high school, I decided to read one classical work a year. In middle age, after a lapse of about 5 years, I renewed the acquaintance with greater passion, now reading 4 or 5 works a year. Currently reading Wilkinson’s selected Letters of Cicero, which I picked up for one dollar!


If it’s a real scene, I’ve never seen it haha. Just a clever bit of photoshop from the Internet.




Is your image an allusion to the famous “reset/overload” button fiasco?