Go memes!


last of today ^^ 12) :slight_smile:
i dedicate this one to alderi, admin of minusgo bot ^^ :slight_smile: , and more generally to all bot managers ^^

meta meme 12 alderi



loool apple watch :slight_smile:


so i’ll do some long ones like mark ^^ 13) :slight_smile:

meta meme 13-2

meta meme 13-3

edit : replaced image 2 with goku picture earlier :slight_smile: (https://ogs-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/original/2X/5/5677f3d4f19bcf8bcfc8d5890f4e5c50e2321b97.png) :slight_smile:


lool :slight_smile: 14)


lool 16) :slight_smile:

meta meme 16-1

meta meme 16-2-2


sooo, after long efforts put into this ^^
finally ^^ meme 15) :slight_smile:

credits : game used for the meme ^^ (Nick Sibicky Go Lecture #85 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AGS9cGXvOg )

had lots of fun doing it, enjoy everyone ^^ :slight_smile:

meta meme 15-1

meta meme 15-2-3

meta meme 15-3

meta meme 15-4

meta meme 15-5

meta meme 15-6

meta meme 15-9

meta meme 15-10

meta meme 15-11

meta meme 15-12

meta meme 15-14

meta meme 15-15

meta meme 15-16

meta meme 15-18-3

(for wondering people it comes from nana komatsu episode 40 :slight_smile: )

meta meme 15-22-2

meta meme 15-24


apologize to the trees who made me oxygen loooooool :slight_smile:





you can replace that with any line ^^ :slight_smile:

like “obviously, starting to learn go is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t do that.”

"Unless you like fun " :slight_smile:


Stephen Fry and that hat :joy::joy:



Oh Man! That is soooo true!


lol you’re really hyped about it ^^ :slight_smile:


Possibly there’s some confusion going on between a meme and a comic strip :wink:


i like comics it seems ^^

yes i’ll just delete it then ^^ :slight_smile:


Yes, what exactly IS the difference? Things like memes have always looked like captioned pictures to me.



If you want to get real technical, a comic strip is a type of meme, as a meme is defined by: “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.” which is true for a comic strip…


Imo what makes a meme a meme is [that it is] recycleable, which means it can be taken out of context and applied to a variety of things. In that sense a comic strip (or a part of it) can be a meme, but isnt one to begin with (just like a picture or a movie scene isnt a meme). but ofc memes can often take the form of a short comic strip.

if that made sense :slight_smile:.