Go movies on China Movie Channel

The China Movie Channel has several Go movies with English subtitles on YouTube:

Tokyo Newcomer

Master of Go - The Great Winner

Master of Go - Romance Over Qinhuai River

Master of Go - First Royal Player

Master of Go - Danghu Duel

Master of Go - Second to None

Master of Go - Against Measures

Master of Go - Beautiful Woman

Master of Go - Yangzhou Dedate


Of those movies I only know “Tokyo Newcomer”. I’d recommend watching it.

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I watched it yesterday. It was actually a good drama. The Go Master series is more comedy (I have watched two of them). Despite a bit slapstick comedy, they are still okay.

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Awesome! Thank you for linking these!


The Chinese live-action adaptation of Hikaru no Go is available with English subtitles on Hikaru no Go (2020) Full with English subtitle – iQIYI | iQ.com

It is possible to view the first five episodes without a subscription.

The movie about Go Seigen is also available on YouTube. Unfortunately without English subtitles although there is not so much speaking in that movie: 2006年 《吴清源》 昭和棋圣 张震主演 720P 超清 - YouTube

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