GO.ON | Ladder Challenge on OGS

Hello everyone,

As a launch event to promote OGS server on our French community forum GO.ON, we decided to start a continous tournament using the OGS ladder system.

Quick presentation

Why would you be interested in it ?

Because you love to play Go and maybe because we are awarding some prices.
Please notice the prices are some GO.ON points which can be used as coupons. For now we do not have a partner which allow the use of these points if you live far from France.

We are working on that ! :wink:

Maybe if there is several people which participate to the tournanement but can’t use the points, we will modify prices a bit.


Read the rules in English
Read the rules in French

Improvements and ideas

Please feel free to give us your thoughts by leaving a message below or in our forum topic. There is an English speaking dedicated part in our forum.

Regards !


A pleasure to have you guys around and a heartily welcome to OGS. :blush:

Good luck to all participants!

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Bienvenue à OGS!

(not that you think I parlez Française — I used le Google translate ;-))

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Thank you Francisa for this ! I hope it will help our forum members to give OGS a try.

trodhe, seems Google translate still has to improve a bit (I still need to improve my English as well) :wink: Thanks !