Go Poetry

Got any Go poetry? Put in here.

They Said It Wasn’t Tournament Legal

I found myself a game called Go,
It seemed to have no hassle –
Half the pieces are just mentos
and you never have to castle.

I made an OGS account
but stray cats stole my mouse,
so I found a local Go club
50 miles from my house.

I went into the city for to see what I could find,
Got lost inside a swimming pool but ended up in Argos.
They said to me they knew for sure just what I had in mind –
and sold me CS:GO with a controller and an XBox.

I kept getting sniped on Counterstrike so the console had to go,
I thought I’d look in London for some Oriental things;
Above a Greek taverna in the middle of Soho
was a little mahjong parlour by the name of Mister Ching’s.

When I went in through the doorway, the smoke it filled the air
Mister Ching had just gone mahjong and the sight it made me green,
He had a pipe between his teeth and ribbons in his hair,
Playing East against Prince Harry, Boris Johnson and the Queen.

He took me to the storeroom and showed me all his wares,
Kitani’s old kotatsu which he’d got just yesterday,
the shell stones were from turtles and the bowls were all unpaired,
the table boards were bloodstained and the legged ones ran away.

I bought a board that wasn’t square and a cursed tesuji book,
Now I’ve almost said my story and there’s not much more to tell –
My bowls came with free rice in but that wasn’t all I took,
For stones I bought some marbles, I just hope they balance well.


I like it

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black: onegaishimasu!
white: onegaishimasu!

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black: arigato gozaimashita!
white: arigato gozaimashita!

I call it Goetry :wink:


Very elegant!

It reminds me of Private S. Baldrick’s immortal war poem “The German Guns”.


haha… brilliant! Was that on Fry and Laurie? (EDIT: nvm. i think its blackadder right?)

Actually i stole the idea from Ernst Jandl: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Jandl
He was an Austrian Poet who liked to experiment with language, sounds and onomatopoeia while often ignoring rules of metric, spelling and grammar. I m quite sure thats where they got it from too :slight_smile:.

here is him reading his poen “schtzngrmm” (most consonants of “Schützengraben” which means “trench”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixgbtOcEgXg


Yeah, it’s from Blackadder (the fourth and final season).

I really liked that poem you linked, the way Ernst uses semi-abstract phonetics in it has real power.


@bugcat and @kickaha,

neither those :heart: :heart: nor “awesome” and “love it” are enough to express what I felt when I read your poetry and goetry. But you get the idea :slight_smile: Both very different, both brillant!


Game Review

black, white, black, white, black, white,
No, go back, that’s not right,

No, this ladder doesn’t work,
No, that move just makes me irk,

What move should I have played here?
Just tenuki, no need to fear.


Go, to me
Is poetry
Each set of moves, a phrase

Each turn and line
Repeats and rhymes
But never quite the same

The board and stones
Probe depths unknown
Pose riddles that are played

Three simple rules
Turn sage to fool
And patriarch to babe

Maybe I’ll add more later but that’s it for now


Nice rhythm!


I thought the twist at the end was good to, a sudden unexpected line!


Ode to a Deceased Moyo

I made myself a moyo:
Gleefully building,
Fixing and gilding,
Flooding and flowing,
Surging and growing –
I forged myself a moyo.

From corner to corner I took the outside,
And swelled every way like an outgoing tide;
All cold iron pillars, no place to reside,
No place there to live, no place there to hide!

But then came a wyrm:
Ripping and gnawing,
Slashing and clawing,
Gnashing and biting,
Goring and smiting,
It ate away my moyo.

Despite all defences my points have all gone,
The feast has all spoilt in the heat of the sun;
Frankly I don’t want to play any more,
Seems like I might have to offer a draw…

My attempt at a Skelton-style poem.


LOL - simple… yet… amusing.

is that thank you very much at the end there?

Yes, “Thank you very much!” can be translated as: Dōmo arigatō gozaimashita! / どうもありがとうございました!according to the Google translator and seems correct to me (based on long ago visits to Japan and my hazy memory)… A shorter (verbal mostly?) reply: Thanks (a lot / very much) = Dōmo arigatō / どうもありがとうand MAYBE just “Thanks” is Arigatō except I hazily remember a friend in Japan telling me "you can’t just say “Arigatō” by itself so that might be incorrect usage, however my friend’s English was limited so I might have had a misunderstanding thus I look forward to seeing others comment on this “Thank You” topic. :slight_smile:


I lie awake in bed at night
Thinking so and so
Oh, how to ease the boredom?
I think, “How 'bout some Go?”

I take out my computer,
and I open OGS
“Just one more game”, I think,
“and then I’ll get some rest.”

One game turns into two,
and two turns into four.
Not long after, it’s morning,
and I am craving more.

“What happened to all the time?”
I say with a huff.
But once you start playing go,
you’ll never get enough.


black: onegaishimasu!
white: onegaishimasu!

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black: tock
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black: tock
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black: tock
white: tock
Black: *Flips the go board


Bugcat, bugcat, shining bright
In the forums of our site
Whose the divine hand to try
And match thy awesome goetry?


LOL ginger2008, that is funny / good !

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