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This thread is dedicated only to ideas to better promote Go through posters.

I just initiated a new action promoting Go in schools. The activity will be mainly online, in an OGS group. I only post resources for learning themselves, and organize online competitions, eventually some online lessons. Please do not discuss here the short-comings of this idea. I know that is not perfect, but is adapted for my abilities. I may initiate other thread for improving that part.

Here I want to discuss only ideas for a poster.

My idea is to make a cloud tag with few words that might attract. Like competition, prizes, intelligence, Next, a diagram with few Go stones, A Go kanji. A short text to present where I invite them and what is expected. Of course links to the OGS group, and to a post where I offer all the details necessary. Links will be as Qr-code too.

The idea is that it need to be concise, as things need to be these days, but interesting enough to get the viewer interested. I will post an example of my poster lately. You can post examples too, or just discuss ideas. I intend to finish my poster in a week. Of course the thread may continue for future iterations of the poster.


The idea is that it need to be concise, as things need to be these days

It might also need to be fun or have some shock value, in our era of sensory overload where people tend to skim through things very fast. Particular ideas or suggestions will depend on the school or the area, for example, if it is a school located in England where football reigns supreme you might have a graphic of a kid kicking a black stone in a wall of white stone and it bounces off or something like that.

It all depends on the target group really, so if you could describe the area/school a bit, the suggestions might be more to the point.

Good luck with the whole endeavor :slight_smile:


I think you could get some great ideas in the meme thread. Some are too advanced for this (jokes I don’t even get…), but there are lots of eye-catching posts. And they will be “relateable” I guess :slight_smile:


My intended target group is 10 to 15 years, regular primary schools

Good idea, first thought is some illustration on the concepts of ninja and brain

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My intended target group is 10 to 15 years, regular primary school

In this case, you might have a poster with a pun or a reference to some current pop culture character or series or anything else that is fashionable in the area. Which will mean that you will have to update the poster sooner, rather than later with the speed trends and brands change nowadays.

I am not much into teen trends though, so I find it hard to come up with something good. Maybe star wars ( Stone Wars in a board near near your school :stuck_out_tongue: ) or some other movie? Sports is also a good concept. Making a contrast or a parallel with chess is also nice.

For shock value you could take a picture of two players playing Go and photoshop some totally unlikely famous people playing the game. Now that would make anyone pause and go “whaaaaaat?” and read the poster :wink:


Which country are the students in? Maybe we can help with the trendy stuff. :slight_smile:

I am in Galați Romania, and hope that clubs from other countries will steal the idea.

Promoting is time consuming, and this may be o good solution for clubs. An simple email to school managers and all is done :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I know exactly zero words in Romanian, but are there any words relevant to battle, win, fun, smart etc that you can do a word play with Go/ sente/ atari etc? Or black/ white?

Edit to avoid multiple posts: Cătălin Țăranu is apparently a Romanian Dan player, I’m clueless obviously… Is he a household name, someone you can use to lure youngsters?

Cătălin is for real (not apparently) Romanian, and is a pro player not just dan, but of course is known only to us the initiate, so his name means nothing to outsiders.

Too bad he doesn’t have a pop singer or football player relative or namesake…

By apparently I meant anyone with deeper knowledge of Go stuff would certainly have already thought of him (not me though, clueless 360°). My good friend Google says he was born in Romania, he is not actually Romanian?

he is.
as I said, for real, not apparently. I added brackets, for clarity.

Pressed by time and a partner I released my first version of the poster. Actually two versions. First, on my idea, simple, criptic, second with explanatory text. Here is the translation

If you like logic games, or if you like to discover new things, or if your brain is not just a vegetable, you can try to discover the mysteries of the Go Game. The course takes place online, and all you have to do is read the game rules and a tutorial, after which you will participate in competitions. Everything online. Later you can come to the board competition, or even training camps. On the right you can see two examples of Go positions. Below are three web addresses . Group discussion on Facebook.Group on the server where you will play online, OGS, and the blog.

I may choose to post both versions together, but replace the QR codes from the first one, and the puzzles with something else.

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