Go professionals' attributes game

This is a forum game about Go professionals.

We start with two attributes: let’s say “Japanese” and “female”.

The next player has to name a professional who meets both these criteria, for instance Ueno Asami.

They then replace one of these attributes, for instance “female” might be replaced with “teenager”. These qualities are passed onto the next person, who has to come up with an answer, eg. Fukuoka Kotaro.

Attributes can’t be repeated: so after easy ones like Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. are gone, we’d have to come up with more creative ones like “married to another professional” or “played in the Nongshim Cup” or “wears glasses”.

The professionals can’t be repeated either.

Oh, and don’t make a combination if you don’t know an answer to it.


Let’s start off easy.

We’re looking for a professional who

  1. Is Japanese
  2. Played against Go Seigen

The person who answers will have the choice of replacing either attribute 1. or 2. with one of their own choice.


I think this is on topic enough to be in General Go Discussion. We can change category if anyone objects.

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It is a nice concept. However if you are not familiar with the biographies of many famous / professional go players, it is rather inaccessible and probably no fun to play.
Maybe revamping your concept so that it is accessible for more forum members?

Kitani Minoru

Next one:

  1. Is Japanese
  2. Is a disciple of Kitani.

Takemiya Masaki


  1. Is Korean
  2. Is a disciple of Kitani

(optional bonus 3. known for contrasting style and many epic games with Takemiya)

Cho Chikun

  1. is Korean
  2. runs a go school in europe
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Yoon Youngsoon

  1. Is Korean
  2. Used to run a go school in Europe

French Go Report: Strasbourg Three-Peats as French Club Champs; Dai Junfu Sweeps Paris-Meijin « American Go E-Journal and European Go players - Wikipedia seem to suggest there was a player from Korea called Eugène Lim that used to teach French players, maybe in the 70s onward or so.

Seemed to be be referred to as “the father of French Go” on AGA Annotated Bibliography of Go Books in English | American Go Association

Do you know anything about them? Or maybe you had someone else in mind :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s ‘Maître Lim’ Lim Yoo Jong at Sensei's Library

But he wasn’t pro, so someone else :slight_smile:


He also wrote many books available in English, such as ‘After Joseki’.

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Not the name you want, but In-Seong Hwang?

In spring 2011, Hwang In-seong became an official teacher of the Swiss Go Association and taught at the Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva Go Club. In 2014, he moved to Grenoble, France, becoming an official teacher of the French Go Federation, alongside Fan Hui.

Not quite “running a Go school”, but not far off it.

That was my first thought to answer Koba’s but then I remembered pros only (though Inseong is as strong as many pros).

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Well, I’ll use the hint to keep the game moving.

Kim Sungrae.

1, Korean
2, Streamer

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Correct! Maybe was a bit hard. It was Korean Baduk Center at Sensei's Library in Budapest, didn’t last that long.

Kim Yoonyoung

An easier one

  1. American but pro in Japan
  2. Streamer

(Am I hogging this?)

Michael Redmond.

  1. Female
  2. Streamer
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(Cho) Yeonwoo.

  1. Female
  2. Sister of another professional

Ueno Asami.

  1. Female
  2. Not born in Asia nor in Europe.

Janice Kim.

  1. Female
  2. Born in Europe

Svetlana Shikshina

  1. Female
  2. Retired (but still alive)

This is actually quite hard, isn’t it?

I’m having to search for an answer, even though there must be a ton of them.

Hajin Lee

  1. Retired (but still alive)
  2. Won several international titles