Go references in American novels or movies

Hi everyone. As much as I am interested (though not very good at) playing Go, I am also fascinated by cultural myths/stories around the game, especially in American culture. Do you know of any novels, short stories, movies etc. that show characters playing Go, apart from A Beautiful Mind? I know there are a lot of Asian movies/stories that include Go references (obviously) but I am particularly interested in American ones. Thank you all!

There is a scene in Pi where the protagonist plays go with his mentor. Also, Criminal Minds has a go board with an in progress game in the first episode, and a reference to it in a later episode (the number of which i can’t remember atm). Check this out for more references.


“Shibumi” by Trevanian is an amazing book.

I also liked “Satori”, a follow-up novel to “Shibumi” by Don Winslow (though it’s by far not as well written as Trevanian’s books, IMHO).

See also “Mainstream Go Sightings” on L19.

Thanks, I will definitely look into Shibumi!

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Thanks for the 2 references but also for the link. Amazing list!

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