Go Resources for Starting Out

Hi everyone!

Just starting out at Go and looked at a few sites explaining the theory of how to “see territory”, common patterns like ladders and snapbacks, etc. Tried playing a few games with the computer (easy) and lost all of them haha.

Was wondering if you guys know of any resources where I can watch 9x9 games (the full board is just too overwhelming for me now) being played while people explain the rationale behind each move, or maybe even be able to learn what moves to play or not to play when I’m playing. I find that while I have theoretical knowledge, when it comes to applying them I’m not very good at it. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on people commentating on 9x9 games but I think that just isn’t enough.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. :smiley:

In another post, I linked to four YouTube videos that explain some simple concepts about playing 9x9 games. They are aimed at beginners and are easy to follow. Is there a video series for terrible beginners?

Also, there is a list of free beginner resources in this thread:


Hello @way2go and thank you so so very much for the links to all the resources. :smiley:

Will definitely go take a look at all of them! Really appreciate the quick reply from you. I feel that this is a wonderful forum for beginners haha.


Once on my continuing slow path to learn go, I played on some site that commented on your moves as you made them. Of course, I can’t remember what it was. Anybody know?