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Here, some link which should (I think) appear on the resource page :

French federation : http://ffg.jeudego.org/
equipment :

Video channel
listenandplay : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ9ZXHu0FTCvqHI5oYa4x5Q

Thanks for your time and efficiency. =)

(Do not hesitate to complete my message)

Since the FFG did not even think it necessary to reply to my email asking them to put ogs on their list of servers and keeps on touting kgs as especially good for beginners, I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary to link the French federation here.

I am especially sensitive to this issue because my very first experience on kgs was that I could not find an opponent of the same strength (or rather weakness) and that a couple of players were discussing in chat how it is not a big deal if women earn less than men for the same job.

It is hard for me to imagine a more unfriendly welcome.

I completely agree French Go Federation is not the most responsive we can find (I had kind of the same problem with them) however I am more thinking to french people who really like this server (like me) and who would find some club near their area. I hope you will reconsider it and by my side I will tell them to put OGS on their list of servers.

Thanks and best regards :wink:

Our awesomeness will eventually make them do so :smile:

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I had the same issue when I was trying to put OGS on the German Wikipedia Page of Go Servers. It was blocked several times with vague arguments about how we don’t support Guest accounts and thus are not allowed to be named on Wikipedia.

In the end, it turned out the Wiki user in question was a diehard KGS user, and after back and forth and talking to an admin, I got OGS to be listed.

Never give up. :smiley:


Check out the Sydney Go Club Youtube Channel where we feature An Younggil 8p’s Pro Lectures recorded live at the club!

Great way to learn Go from a pro!

Speaking of, OGS should be in the common servers list on Sensei’s Library.


Done, hopefully it stays.


Yes, it still is there, as of now 2015-03-14, 17:12


@Rvzy: nice edit :smile: thank you!

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Tadaaaa, it finaly came !
check the French Go Federation page “where to play on the internet” : http://ffg.jeudego.org/php/jouerSurInternet.php

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Very cool, @vaurien! :clap:

Can you get them to add that you can play correspondence as well as live? :smiley:

Sure! (but be sure they won’t put everything you can do in ogs ;p)

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Of course :wink: I just thought this is one of the features that make OGS stand out of the mass, a LOT.